10 January 2009

Better Days

The past days were like average heydays for me. After all those unceasing complaints I had the past month, this week I should say seems so light and restful. I was able to take some time to rest and sleep. I even managed to have less talks because I need to bring back my usual voice from being hoarse and boy, it did work! My work loads did not seem to bother me neither. At least, everything works out just fine.

It's a good feeling that I found myself fortunate with what has happened the past days.
I am looking forward to moments like this this year and onwards. :)


Babette said...

I hope you feel better soon sis. Coughs are so hard to get rid of, it just keeps on going and going and going... I had a bad cough last month that I finally had to go to the doctor and they did the xray and told me that I'm still alive. hehehe They gave me some cough medicine to get high. LOL

Carlos said...

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