04 January 2009

Am Back!

It's been a while since I haven't blogged. Been busy with work which ate much of my time and I have also been battling with an irritating dry cough and a hoarse voice the past few days. I still even suffered from this unwanted physical condition until now.

Well, Christmas is now over and I should say that the memories spent are all worth remembering. I may not have been blessed with a long vacation because I was working even on holidays but still I was able to spend at least sometime with family and friends despite being restless and sick. I am more than glad being able to spent the holidays with my family. We spent our Christmas here in the city and went back home to our beloved hometown to celebrate the coming of the New Year. I also had a good time with my Ateneo Batch '99 friends last December 26, 2008 where we had a reunion dinner and a night-out despite a not-so-good weather.

Those are all but memories worthy to be treasured.
Now am looking ahead for a more brighter life this year and in the many years to come.

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