21 January 2009

Aching Legs!

Came home from a graveyard shift today at past 10:00AM after a sumptuous breakfast with a colleague. Exhaustion did hit me hard that I found myself too sleepy to get up and drink my most wanted H2o at that moment. After more than two (2) hours of being off to dreamland, I woke up realizing that I still got these aching legs feeling like these have been tortured for the discomfort it brings! At first, my being a hypochondriac gave me a thought that I must lack potassium in my body causing me to feel this way. I just realized NOW that I had devoted time in doing a heavy duty dirty job yesterday where my hands got busy forcefully shoveling the pile of garbage on it with all my might while at the same time trying so hard to balance myself using those my feet/legs to prevent them from falling into the canal premises. Exhaustion is really inevitable causing my legs to feel so bad! In short, gipamaulan ko sa akong gibuhat gahapon! However, it was still a job well-done, a job something to be proud of.

Photo credits: www.binsons.com


Babette said...

Kamusta ka na dyan? Hinay-hinay lang sa trabaho.

Marie said...

@ Babette: am doing ok te barbs though its undeniable still that I tend to be overtired after work.. :)