28 January 2009

Right Before Your Eyes :)

I have been looking for this song for like many years already and yesterday, while browsing and reading on a male-owned Friendster Blog, he included the title of the song. I hope you like it too guys!:)

"Right Before Your Eyes"

Every day I sit beside you
On the bus to madison avenue
Work in the big gray store
With the revolving doors

You don’t even know my name
I guess that I’m to blame
Don’t know the right things to say
So I pretend away

That I’m rudolph valentino
Pull up in my limousine
Oh, won’t you come in out of the rain
Things’ll never be the same

And then just like greta garbo
You stare like there’s no tomorrow
And you’ll know what I’m thinking of
Right before your eyes I fall in love with you

Do, do, do ...

Today I’m done with games (today I’m done with games)
Gonna ask you for your name
Say I’ve been watching you
I even know what you do

Maybe today I’ll tell you (maybe today I’ll tell you)
I’ve found the nerve to sell you
On a guy like me
Who wishes that he could be

Your rudolph valentino
Pull up in my limousine
Oh, won’t you come in out of the rain
Things’ll never be the same

And then just like greta garbo
You stare like there’s no tomorrow
And you’ll know what I’m thinking of
Right before your eyes I fall in love with you

Do, do, do ...

Right before your eyes I fall in love with you
Right before my eyes you’ll say you love me to

Rudolph valentino
I pull up in my limousine
Oh, won’t you come in out of the rain
Things’ll never be the same

And then just like greta garbo
You stare like there’s no tomorrow
And you’ll know what I’m thinking of, oo

Do, do, do ...

Right Before Your Eyes - America

27 January 2009

Home On A Tuesday

I am just home today.
I spent time reading blogs.
I spent time viewing profiles of friends.
I spent time just surfing, surfing, surfing.
Now am a bit tired, wanting to get some afternoon nap.
Hope I could get some when I turned this notebook off.

Have a great Tuesday peeps!

Out On A Monday

I was out yesterday. Donna and I met up since we need to buy a piece of clothing necessary for our work uniform. We agreed we buy it at NCCC-R. Magsaysay since we can have a cheaper price for it. True enough, we did get a 10% discount when we bought 10 meters all in all for both of us. We spent the rest of the day doing some window shopping inside. We feasted our eyes on variety of furniture styles. It was already 7:00PM when we got out of the store premises and headed to the night market at Chinatown. There are good finds but some have slight defects on it. We even went inside the newly opened 168 store, just like the 168 store in Manila. With our feet getting tired from walking and standing too long, we decided to eat for dinner. We ate @ Chickie's and Patties along C.M. Recto Street. We headed home before 10:00PM. I slept right away as soon as I got home.

26 January 2009

Recreation Sunday!

It was Sunday yesterday. I slept right away when I got home after work. After 5 hours, I woke up. I hurriedly prepared myself for a Sunday mass since I promised to hear mass on that day. I arrived @ Saint Jude Thaddeus Parish Church at 5:00PM. I was late since I already arrived in time for the gospel. I didn't bother arriving late cos what's important for me is I could be able to hear God's words and the communion itself. The mass ended before 6:00PM. Love2x and I first went to Gaisano South and bought chocolates to have something to munch on. At 6:00PM, we went to Gaisano Mall where Donna was waiting for us. We met at Smart Wireless Center while I paid for my Smart Bro bill. We had dinner at KFC after our transactions with Smart. We had a nice conversation over a sumptuous meal. Since we decided not to go home yet, we went to Jickong's at F. Torres Street passing the time just chatting. I had a blast chatting with them with good music to keep us company. I went home late. It was indeed a night worthy to be treasured cos I had a great time with my friends. :)

24 January 2009

My Friend Cathy O

I knew my nurse friend Cathy O way back when I was still working as an HRD Staff in a big wholesale-retail business here in Davao. She was once our company nurse and we're in the same department. It must be a career move for after she was assigned to another mall branch in Tagum. Years passed and now I got the same noble career she has. I was too surprised when I learned she's gonna be with us in the unit. When I saw her for the first time in December 2008, I hurriedly embraced her after long years of not seeing her. There, we started to chat until I learned some good things didn't last for her. She's now almost 5 years separated from his hubby. She's still happy though. It was yesterday when we really got the chance to be together in one shift. We chatted still while busily engaging ourselves with our tasks. Thank God she waited for me until I finished everything. We spent hours chatting as we hit Penong's for our dinner. It was indeed a pleasure to be with my friend Cathy O again. :)

Gloomy Saturday

It's a gloomy Saturday today. I woke up not that late though. All I knew was I did have a sound sleep last night. I was just too tired that I hit my bed right after I got home from work. It was good I had a sumptuous dinner with Cathy O long before I dressed up into my pajamas. Gotta be sleeping in a while I'd be in a graveyard shift later.

Have A Great Saturday everyone!:)

22 January 2009

The Fearful Sleepless Soul

I positioned myself to bed last night since I intended to get a good night sleep when at around 10:30PM I heard a very loud BOOM! The first boom was followed intermittently by another with a successive noise comparable to gun sounds. These made my heart beat faster. I thought it was only me who heard all these when I heard my sis knocked on my room. I let her inside, spoke softly with each other, and decided to stay in my room for the night. Such incident made me thought of something different - that there must be a conflict somewhere near us. The noise kept pestering me until almost 1:00AM. Since I was moderately anxious, I had exchanged a few text messages with my friend who happened to be awake while I was battling my fear. After an hour of becoming noiseless, where I could only hear the snore of my brother in a nearby room, I hurriedly covered myself with a blanket praying that it won't occur again. I also prayed that I would have a sound sleep away from fear. Thank God, I was able to sleep for 3 hours. I was awakened with my sis slipping slowly outside of my room.

What a terrible fear I got last night! It gave me a first thought of an impending war. This morning, my sister informed me that the bombs and the gun sounds we heard last night were part of an undergoing training. Damn! How can these people do such training at night? IT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL! These have got fears on me and I knew the villagers also felt the same way.

Photo credits: Elfwood.com

21 January 2009


I am devastatingly disappointed over somebody.
Reason? My intellectual right has been violated.
Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Good Bye Water Bottle!

I was water-less the whole time while on duty last night. As far as I can remember, I only got a glass of one and a half-full before 12 midnight. Well, I did bring my plastic water bottle with me with almost a liter of water in it. However, my water bottle wasn't destined to live longer with me. This careless student (he really is!) affiliating with our hospital ended everything! He was left unnoticed somehow returning the BP apparatus above the fridge when suddenly we all heard a loud BLAG! We got his attention after a loud crash was heard. Seeing him picking up the broken blue-colored plastic water bottle with spills on the floor, I realized it was mine. My first thought about it? I said to myself he was one hell of a careless guy! He never even spoke anything, not even a simple apology for it! *hahayz* Giantusan pa naman to nako'g palit sa SM... Giantusan pa jud to nako'g dala dala kada duty.. :(

Aching Legs!

Came home from a graveyard shift today at past 10:00AM after a sumptuous breakfast with a colleague. Exhaustion did hit me hard that I found myself too sleepy to get up and drink my most wanted H2o at that moment. After more than two (2) hours of being off to dreamland, I woke up realizing that I still got these aching legs feeling like these have been tortured for the discomfort it brings! At first, my being a hypochondriac gave me a thought that I must lack potassium in my body causing me to feel this way. I just realized NOW that I had devoted time in doing a heavy duty dirty job yesterday where my hands got busy forcefully shoveling the pile of garbage on it with all my might while at the same time trying so hard to balance myself using those my feet/legs to prevent them from falling into the canal premises. Exhaustion is really inevitable causing my legs to feel so bad! In short, gipamaulan ko sa akong gibuhat gahapon! However, it was still a job well-done, a job something to be proud of.

Photo credits: www.binsons.com

20 January 2009

Operation: Canal Clean Up

Just finished operation: Canal Clean Up this morning. Never thought I'd be doing this so early. All I could remember was I went out just to expose myself under the heat of the sun with our dogs but had noticed the pile of garbage in our canal premises. Seeing those, I was kinda irritated how these came in our area. Without hesitations, I called up our helper and asked her to join me in cleaning. We managed to pull out everything from there despite its stinky smell. It took an hour for us to finish everything.

I bathed happily this morning after doing one of the most difficult jobs ever!

18 January 2009

Friends Tying The Knot Very Soon

You read it right! Two friends whom I've known way back in nursing school will tie the knot on different dates.

Aris D, a male friend will get married this January 24, 2009, Saturday, to his girlfriend Jenny C. It must really be a love made for each other because even if most of the time they're physically away from each other because of Aris working in Dubai, still the relationship became that strong. Now, Aris is finally home to fulfill his promise of being one with Jenny C. on the 24th.

A close friend of mine, Leslie D, will also tie the knot with his highschool sweetheart Jason this coming February 19, 2009, the same day the soon-to-be-bride will be celebrating her 29th birthday. After more than a decade of being together as a couple, they finally decided to exchange marriage vows on the 19th of February. I have been a witness as to how they greatly love each other and now I am more than excited to become a part of their upcoming wedding ceremony.

With their weddings being set and are about to be solemnized before GOD and men, I only have this to say:

I hope my friends' marriages will last a lifetime. :)

Blog Hopping And Making Friends

I enjoy blog hopping most of the time when time permits me to. I read blogs whoever the site owner is. What I enjoy most about hopping from one blog to another is that I get to read bloggers' opinions and their life stories. If not because of an irritating headache, I guess am still hopping from one blog to another until now.

Oh well, I just love to blog hop and make friends from the blogosphere too!
Whoever wants to be my friend and be added in my Bloggers Hall Of Fame, feel free to send me a message in my chatbox or a simple comment in this post will do. :)

Have A Blessed Sunday everyone!:)

16 January 2009

Relaxation On A Rainy Thursday (January 15 '09)

Contrary to my previous post (About Feeling Blue), I was happy just relaxing myself yesterday.

Despite the rainy and cold weather, I left home past 4:00PM dressed in a long-sleeved black blouse on my way to be with friends and be one with the people in celebrating the feast of Señor Sto. Niño at the Holy Infant of Prague Shrine. We hit the place in time for the 5:00PM mass. I was delighted seeing the Holy place jampacked with people from all walks of life. We didn't even find seats for us. We heard mass just standing with the crowd. We didn't get the chance to visit the Adoration chapel because of too many people wanting to get inside. We left the place in time for dinner and decided to visit Jack's Ridge Restaurant which is located nearby.

taken at Jack's Ridge entrance

taking a pose with Lumad statues as our background

a pose just beneath the still-standing Christmas Tree

We simply enjoyed the breathtaking view overlooking downtown Davao at night. We ate at Kai's Bar and got Pork Sinigang, half kilo Jack's Ridge Fried Chicken and Shanghai Rice for dinner. I myself has gotten my stomach full! After a few songs rendered by the acoustic guitarist/singer who performed at Kai's Bar, we left the place. To combat the freezing feeling we felt, we headed to BluGre cafe at Matina Town Square (MTS) and chatted for more than an hour over a cup of coffee. Before we left home, we pampared ourselves with Foot, Hand, and Back Massage in a certain parlor located inside the vicinity of MTS.

waiting to be pampered with a soothing massage

taken after back massage was done

our joyous faces after a satisfying back massage

We called it a day of fun and relaxation as we went home almost midnight. As expected, I got a very good night sleep last night...

Feeling BLUE :(

Yesterday, I greeted my loved-ones with a warm "Viva Pit Señor" while I was attending a late afternoon mass with friends at the Holy Infant of Prague Shrine along Matina Shrine Hills despite a rainy and a cold weather. In times like this when I get to see families got together in mass celebrations, I often miss my family back home. I was actually expecting a message from them after sending my greetings. To no avail, I got no reply. This morning, I called up. There I knew there's something wrong (again!). I never spoke much during the whole phone conversation. Instead, I just listened. After a few minutes, I said goodbye making an alibi that I'll still be taking my breakfast.

When I hung up the phone, I feel bad and blue. I feel guilty for not being around back home. I feel guilty for not being able to watch over them.

If only I am supergirl so I could fly back home anytime I want to
If only I am rich so there's no way for us to be physically separated from each other and give them all the comforts I could offer
If only I could do magic so I could bring my hometown closest to our home here
Perhaps, all else will be in place and I don't have to worry no more.

For now, I wish and pray that all will finally be settled. I guess understanding is what we all need and I pray that may we all be equip more with such.

And last but not the least, I hope we all can be happier despite the limitations we have.

15 January 2009

Leg Cramps On A Rainy Morning

Have just been relieved by painful leg cramps!
I woke up a few minutes ago when an involuntary muscle contraction occurred in my left leg. Urgh! It's really very painful. Since I was lying on bed, I just straightened my left leg allowing the sole of the foot to rest as it is. I did not bend nor flex my leg neither. After a while, I was relieved but my calf still hurts when being moved.

I am now disappointed. I could have slept much longer especially now that it's raining and it's so addicting to curl oneself on bed.

I'll try getting back to sleep.
Enjoy the rainy Thursday folks!

12 January 2009

Reading Engagement

Never did anything great today.

Since I wasn't online because there was a problem with our internet connection, I engaged myself in reading the e-book downloaded by my sis in this notebook that I am using. Here, I spent hours reading the Twilight Part (Part 1). I successfully finished it without being disturbed. I was so in love and engrossed with the story and even turned on the radio searching for a love song that would best enhance the love mood I was feeling. Really, the story is so cute! Can't wait to read the second part til I finish all four.

Funny cos I knew am way too late since the Twilight Fever began. LOL!

Weekend Escapade at Lake Agco Resort

Last weekend, my friends and I paved our way heading south to Kidapawan City and up we went for an overnight stay at Lake Agco Resort which is located at the foot of Mount Apo. The travel back and forth was a bit tiring but the 2-day adventure was all worth it. I personally enjoyed being in the company of friends savoring that once-in-a-lifetime out-of-town weekend getaway.

Pics will be posted soon. Abangan!:)

Awards, Awards!

Justify Full
As the year 2009 unfolds, I then got these awards courtesy of Donabel who has been kind enough to give me all these. I haven't met her though but I appreciate the kind of friendship she offered me which I willingly accepted too! Thanks for the friendship girl and for sharing these awards with me. ;)

10 January 2009

Better Days

The past days were like average heydays for me. After all those unceasing complaints I had the past month, this week I should say seems so light and restful. I was able to take some time to rest and sleep. I even managed to have less talks because I need to bring back my usual voice from being hoarse and boy, it did work! My work loads did not seem to bother me neither. At least, everything works out just fine.

It's a good feeling that I found myself fortunate with what has happened the past days.
I am looking forward to moments like this this year and onwards. :)

08 January 2009

Health On Progress

I am taking antibiotics now.
I got a dry cough for almost two weeks accompanied with a hoarse voice. Thought this can be relieved with fluids alone but it wasn't. Had two MDs auscultating my breath sounds and they made a uniform evaluation that my breath sounds are normal. I was given a prescription of a certain mucolytic for three days, but still my cough is non-productive.

Yesterday, I started taking my antibiotics though it means having to experience nausea and abdominal discomfort.

Thanks Zithromax. Hope cough will do away soon and my voice will be restored.

05 January 2009

Google Tag

I was away for a few days from the blogosphere and yet, am still glad Donabel still found time to visit my site and hooked me with this exciting tag. Now am doing this tag so the readers and blogger friends may know some info about me. :)

Here are the rules:

Use Google images to search for the answers to the questions below. You must then choose a picture on the first page of the results and post it as your answer. After that, tag 7 people.

1. The age of my next birthday:
weee.. am turning 31 na this year! :)

2. Place I would like to visit:

The Amazing Paris!

3. My favorite place:

my haven, my bedroom

4. A favorite thing:
got a lot of fave things and pillows are among them

5. My favorite food:

I've always been craving for KFC's Hot & Crispy Chicken

6. My favorite color:

I love Avocado Green!

7. City where I reside now:

The Livable City called D-A-V-A-O

8. City where I was born:

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

9. My College major(s):

Psych and BSN Degrees

10. Name of my first lover:

My Lips Are Sealed...hahaha!

11. A bad habit:

It's not habitual though but I do get tardy at times which I considered as a bad one. ;)

12. A hobby:

I love to sing. I love to blog. :)

13. My current wish list (maximum of 3):

Current wishes ikanga. Wished to be granted a visa, pave my way to the US, and work on what my profession requires me to.

Whoa! What a time-consuming entry, LOL! But I did have fun with it.

Now am tagging Grace, Babette, Shimumsy, Jhelea, Pchi, Weng, and Vien. :)

Complicated Life

Whenever our family has to undergo life's trials and challenges, I used to think of them as the worst that could ever happen. I always burst silently into tears when that happens. When I reached home this morning, I realized that the stories of those I rode with inside the PUJ has more complicated lives than our very own. I can't just imagine how this woman I sat beside with manage to take everything. Being somebody who has a heart problem, she still takes time to tend to her grandson who grew up with her since the son's father died. The widowed woman's daughter remarried again and got a total of seven children in her late 20s and you could just imagine how can they carry on with surviving life for day with more mouths to feed. Hearing the woman loudly relating her stories inside the utility vehicle, I can feel what's inside her heart. She's getting old and yet she still responsibly attends to her grandchildren and her married children with only a little cash saved.

If I were in her shoe, I know I'd be having a hard time to combat all these.
I am just lucky, and in fact inches more luckier because I am not her.

On Being Single

Funny how some people react when they learned that I am still single. They just couldn't believe that I still am. Sometimes I'd look at my body wondering if it was because of my tummy bulges that made them think I already got kids. I even tried checking on my face if I got those unwanted wrinkles that could suffice the idea why they considered me a family woman either.

Yes! I still am single. I am not even marrying yet nor had I been engaged. I am not even nourishing a relationship now. I am just living my life one step at at time. Most of my life now evolves heavily on my job. I am busy preparing myself in harnessing more of my skills in preparation for what lies ahead in the next coming years.

However, I don't mind committing myself to someone. I still yearn to have a family of my own someday. I want to raise my own family with lovely children to take care of. I want to know how it feels like to be a mom and a wife BUT that would have to wait. It pays enough to wait so they say.

For now, I am enjoying every moment of my single life. Need I say more? :)

I Remember The Boy

"I remember the boy but I don't remember the feeling anymore."

Yup. Been over that useless feeling I embraced myself with a few years back. Trying to dissect that thought again, I realized it was entirely useless because it was just effortless. I used to silently hope but it's a blessing that I didn't hope that much. Now, recalling those just gives me a smile not ever wanting to stumble into that useless situation again.

I have my own life now since I got back from my senses. You have yours too.
Leave me in my own world while you be man enough to responsibly take care of yours.
Still I'd be thankful though.

04 January 2009

A Nagging Boyfriend

Can't help but blog about this nagging boyfriend I used to sit beside with in a public utility vehicle. He's such a shame in the male populace. Here goes the story:

I was on my way to NCCC Mall when I happened to find a seat beside this young couple inside a PUJ. Unmindful of what they're talking about, I simply enjoyed the sights we passed through on our way to the mall. All of a sudden, this young guy flared up with an angry voice loud enough to be heard by everybody inside the vehicle. He talked incessantly to his girlfriend confronting the girl about becoming childish in their relationship. He blurted out even the girl's behavior in a previous relationship and pointed out that it must have been the reason why his girlfriend's exboyfriend left her. The girlfriend remained silent and was sobbing. The silly boyfriend really had lost his temper because he even fought with the conductor of the vehicle when this poor conductor couldn't give him his change for that 100-peso bill he handed for their fares.

Whatta shame really! Why can't he get a place for them to talk? When they left, co-passengers can't stop talking about the incident we have witnessed. We felt sorry for the girl who's got a nagging boyfriend.

Had I been into that situation, I'd really leave him and walk out of the scence he's creating.

Am Back!

It's been a while since I haven't blogged. Been busy with work which ate much of my time and I have also been battling with an irritating dry cough and a hoarse voice the past few days. I still even suffered from this unwanted physical condition until now.

Well, Christmas is now over and I should say that the memories spent are all worth remembering. I may not have been blessed with a long vacation because I was working even on holidays but still I was able to spend at least sometime with family and friends despite being restless and sick. I am more than glad being able to spent the holidays with my family. We spent our Christmas here in the city and went back home to our beloved hometown to celebrate the coming of the New Year. I also had a good time with my Ateneo Batch '99 friends last December 26, 2008 where we had a reunion dinner and a night-out despite a not-so-good weather.

Those are all but memories worthy to be treasured.
Now am looking ahead for a more brighter life this year and in the many years to come.

Happy 2009!

It's 2009! I wish more blessings will come our way in this Year of the OX. I am praying for good health (always!), harmonious relationships with family and friends, and of course great good things in LIFe for this year and onwards!

Happy New Year To ALL!