30 November 2008

A Hopeless Battle Against Second-Hand Smoke

I can't help but post about it now. I have been inhaling second-hand smoke since the day my brother has gone addicted to smoking. It was just normal to me from the start since a lot of people has been into it but in the long run, it has gone abnormal. The usual and normal cigarette fumes were gone and inhaling my bro's cigarette fumes have become irritating to my nose. It seems like those always interfer with my breathing. Sad part, I no longer breathe the normal way everytime I get to inhale those cigarette smokes puffed by my brother. One time I submitted myself for an ECG because I got chest pains and the impression on it is Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH). To be satisfied and to get a thorough explanation on it, I sought for medical help. I was informed to submit myself for 2D-Echo to correlate the result (which I haven't done until now cos it's kinda expensive to me). I was even asked if am a smoker! That statement made a ring into my ears cos I was being asked with such. I confidently told the doctor that I never smoked all my life but I just lived with someone who's been a chain smoker for years. She told me I should get rid of those smokes or else my health would be at a greater risk. I just sighed. I just sighed because I can never make my brother change his habit. I just feel so hopeless whenever this issue arises. ;(

27 November 2008

Fiesta Pasko Sa Davao Light!

The Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC) will hold its first-ever Christmas Bazaar For A Cause come November 29, 2008 at their DLPC-Ponciano Grounds starting at 3:00PM until midnight. Variety of goods will be sold like foods, clothes, kitchenwares, fruits, and a whole lot more! While shopping and dining, one will surely be entertained by a live band to be performed by our very own local talents. So what are you waiting for? Tara Na Sa Fiesta Pasko sa Davao Light this coming Saturday and make a child happy this Christmas!:)

By the way, my sis and her colleagues decided to sell pastries for the said event. Take a look at the tarpaulin design she made for their booth:

Moments With My First Ever DMC Family

It was August 2007 when our paths have crossed (except for Ate Leah whom I met in nursing school a few years back). I can't forget that most of us during that time had our share of "firsts" at Genward since it was where we were first assigned by the time we were hired to work in the facility. Too bad, we can't just stay and work together for long. A few months after working at Genward, slowly each of us was tasked to be assigned to other areas. It was me who got evicted last from our first-ever home. Now, we still managed to keep in touch though we rarely see each other. I should say I really treasure the friendships built with the people I met at Genward.

Here are some of the pics recently taken when we met up for dinner in time for Shoi's short visit here in Davao last week @ Gardena Fresca in Matina:

Hmm, we're missing some peeps here. Too bad Mam Lisa, Te Divine, and Karissa weren't around!

Note: Thanks BenchieGrace for the pics. :)

26 November 2008

Interesting Football Web-TV Channel

I have read online that the famous Carlsberg Brewery has recently launched a Carlsberg web-tv named as Partofthegame.tv. In it are 5 channels which solely showcases stuffs about football, video clips about football funnies and also great football stuffs for fanatics. Moreover, one can even upload football stuffs, favorite football teams and even fan moments. Well, I'm sure football fanatics out there can really enjoy having this web tv around!

What Are You Thankful For This Year?

I have longed been tagged with this by Donabel but I posted it just now. What a coincidence, it's almost Thanksgiving Day in the US right now. Hmm, perhaps turkeys and a whole lot more will be served in time for this celebration. Though Thanksgiving Day is not being celebrated here in the Philippines, I always consider everyday a Thanksgiving Day to GOD for making me wake up each morning with great moments ahead and for everything HE has bestowed on me.

Now here's the tag:

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know something
For it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge
Because it will build your strength and character.
Be thankful for your mistakes
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary
Because it means you've made a difference.
GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troublesand,
they can become your blessings.

Here are my seven (7) reasons to be thankful for this year:

1. I thank GOD above all things for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! HE's the reason why am still breathing and HE's the reason for my existence.

2. I am grateful having my wonderful family around though sometimes trials don't fail to attack us.

3. I am blessed to be given a wonderful career where I can truly be able to serve and care. This may not be a permanent job (am under contract but is a renewable one) for me now but I am more than lucky and happy enough to be a part of the institution where I am in.

4. I am lucky having my friends around. I don't know what life would be if I am without them.

5. This year marks the start of my blogging stint. I became too involved with blogging and it gave me a sense of pride knowing that I found friends from here, that people do read my posts, comment on them, and of course I am blessed having to earn from this thingy! :)

6. I am thankful simply because I am not found on the streets begging for alms.

7. And last but not the least, I am ever thankful for at least I knew I am a gift to everyone. :)

Now I am passing this tag to Grace, Weng, AprilHeart, Babette and Dhemz.

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Thanksgiving Comments

Treat To Myself

With the approaching holiday season, I was surprised to learn that Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical have been made available. The popular online eyeglass shop has it again! The unbelievable $8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses are still on the run! Perhaps I should get a treat for myself since I've long been wanting to get another set of eyeglasses. I am currently fancying this pair which I think is very uncommon:

24 November 2008

Happy Beerday Don!:)

Today, November 24 is my friend Donna's late 20-ish birthday!:) She had a pre-birthday celebration last Saturday, and of course, yours truly was invited for dinner. C and I arrived late from work. After having a sumptous meal at Banca Ni Kuya Ed's (not sure if this is really the exact name of the restaurant, LOL!), we paved our way to Jickong's (i hope i spelled it well) along F. Torres Street. There, we chatted the night away over a few sips (just a few sips for me) of RH, LOL! These are what we call as a beer-day celebration:
(Warning: Most pics are somewhat huge. To zoom it out, point the mouse on a certain image, right-click on it then choose the zoom out option).

me + the birthday girl = friendship ;)

RN Friends through the years!
(missing some people though, *sobs*)

the Men of the Night, LOL

our faces turning RED, urgh!

we're celebrating great moments here!:)

To the birthday celebrant, I wish you more bountiful years ahead in life and love (i knew you're inspired now hahaha, just kidding!). Thanks so much for taking time to gather us all together. We missed some though but for sure we'll be celebrating more fun, more memories, and more birthdays with friends in time. :)

Once again,

Moments with Friends ;)

J, a close friend of mine in college, was here in Davao last November 20-22, 2008. At least she took a vacation off from her busy world in Manila and decided to spend it here in her beloved city. The night of November 21, 2008, we headed to Gaisano Mall and pampered ourselves with Hair Studio's Foot Spa service.
"US" cam whoring while having our feet done ;)

Nothing to do inside the studio except for THIS, lol!

And THIS! Try to look at us infront of the mirror... :)

After that we loitered for a while inside the mall. Since we are kids at heart, we did not fail to buy this:

a sweet thing called "cotton candy" (slurp!)

At around 7:00PM that same day, we met up with N, another close friend in college (it was N's first time to see J after almost a decade of not seeing each other, lol!). We dined at Banok's just near Durian Park/Square so J could easily get an access to satisfy her stomach with the tasteful durian whom she greatly missed eating! These were the pics taken while we're eating durian:

the 3 of us with smiles opened wide

N taking a pose with J's Krispy Kreme pasalubong to her and the ever tasteful durian

These are but significant memories of us. Look what friendship has done to us. :)

After savouring the tasteful durian, we headed to Coffee Dream @ Damosa Gateway in Lanang. Wasn't able to take pics anymore because we spent more time just chatting. That was really a night worth remembering! Too bad, R wasn't with us. Hope to have moments like this with you again guys, and of course with R the next time around.

23 November 2008

A Certified Restless Person of the Week!:)

When I reported for work yesterday on my 12-hour shift, colleagues asked me how did I get to spend my four (4) days off. They really thought I have spent more time just resting, lol! I simply told them I have never rested at all because I was out of the house too often (you can read the details in my previous posts). Work just went out fine yesterday except that when my shift was about to end, a pale child's condition deteriorated that kept us a bit busy. C and I managed to leave the unit past 8:00 PM and directly headed to Banca Ni Kuya Ed's along Lanang for our dinner courtesy of the birthday celebrant (my friend), D. You could just imagine a sleepless soul like me having to report for work as early as 7:00AM and leaving the workplace past 8:00PM and still be able to attend to a birthday party. Since the dinner was anticipated, I brought an extra shirt with me. After dinner, friends and I loitered along Jickong's at F. Torres Street. Take note, I was still in my nursing pants (not the top cos I got an extra shirt with me). There, we spent the night away chatting, eating, and drinking RH, hahaha! We headed home early morning and I slept right away. Woke up past 9:00AM today and still a bit sleepy. At least I won't be working today and can still cope up with regaining back my physical energy later.

With everything that I engaged in the past few days, I never had second thoughts of calling myself a certified restless person of the week!:) I just feel so great having been able to spend time with friends. :)

22 November 2008

OFF Day 4

It was Friday, November 21, and I was still sleepless, LOL! Woke up a bit early and I got to have a phone chat with C, a colleague friend. We chatted for a while then J and I prepared ourselves for our day's journey. We left home before 12:00 noon and decided to eat our lunch at Penong's-Ilustre. I was way too sleepy that I had in between naps while having our lunch, LOL! Shortly after lunch, J and I parted ways because we got respective appointments for the day (she's spending some time with her HS UIC friends). Since I really got so tired and sleepy and my appointment would still be at 6:00 PM, I asked a favor from a friend if I could get to have at least a little rest at their comfortable home. Good thing she agreed. I was able to sleep for more than an hour at L's place. Around 6:00PM, I headed to NCCC Mall where my colleague friends and I would convene for that night. By 7:00 PM we headed to Gardena Fresca along Coca-Cola Village for our reunion dinner. There we got endless talks, took more pics and still had our share of funny laughs and stories. I went home past 10:00 PM and slept right away since duty will be early today.

What else can I say? Hmm, off days are OVER now! :) At least I got lovely memories spent with friends. :) Be working early today for 12 hours and I'd be having dinner again with friends tonight to celebrate D's birthday. :)

Have a great weekend peeps! :)

21 November 2008

Flat Belly Diet For ME!

While preparing for that much awaited city stroll with J yesterday, I really had a hard time choosing which shirt to wear. I think I’ve changed shirts more than thrice just to make sure I won’t be exposing much of my already fatty-filled belly. After taking too much time to choose which to wear, I finally decided to have that black blouse on. At least it’s black and certainly I’d look belly-less on it. True enough, I looked a bit slimmer on it especially when am standing compared to the other blouses I tried on. At first I felt okay for I was never really conscious about obvious belly bulges. However, when I got to sit down because my already-filled stomach after eating, I began to feel uncomfortable. I realized they have gone obvious! I really thought those weren’t noticeable but when I tried looking at them, I realized that I should be really taking a Flat Belly Diet to have these stomach bulges trimmed. That’s when I started thinking about minimizing my intake of carbohydrates. For sure it’s like a sacrifice for me because I am really a certified rice eater. I just hope I’d be successful in my quest of attaining a flat belly.


OFF Day 3

I mentioned in my previous post that a close college friend of mine (from my Ateneo batch) is scheduled to arrive today. At 10:00AM this morning, I sent her a message if she's already in the city. She answered that she unfortunately missed her morning flight making her unable to avail her Cebu Pacific Zero-fare ticket bound for Davao. Instead, she paid 2k plus so she could still pursue her 3-day Davao visit. Hence, her flight was rescheduled and was set to arrive at 2:00PM. Past 2:00PM, J arrived here at home from the airport which I later suggested that she better stay here. We then headed to VP to hand her Krispy Kreme "pasalubong" to her friend the we ate "Takoyaki" since she had long been craving for it. After VP, our next stop was visiiting Gaisano Mall. I took the chance to pay our internet bill in a Smart Office. After awhile, we hit Hair Studio and availed a footspa with pedicure. After pampering our feet, we headed to Banok's along F. Torres St. and had our dinner with N who is another close friend of ours. We had a very sumptuous meal. Since J was craving for durian, a certified Davao favorite, we headed to Durian Square which is just a stone throw away from Banok's. We spent a few minutes eating and enjoying our every durian bite. Since we can't get enough of chatting, we decided to have our shots of caffeine at Coffee Dream located inside the vicinity of Damosa Gateway along Lanang. There we passed the night away sharing stories just like the old times. We went home almost midnight with a full stomach. :)

20 November 2008

OFF Day 2 and 3

Despite becoming sleepless yesterday for going home early at dawn, I still managed to wake up at 7:00AM. I made this promise to our "kasambahay" that we'll be out on a Wednesday (that was yesterday) and I'll tag her to wherever I will be going. True enough, it was materialized yesterday. We went to Gaisano Mall to get some cash via ATM to send to my Mom's Smart Money account. We took side trips inside the mall's department store and I bought some stuffs. Since it was nearing lunch, we stopped over at Greenwich and ate. We headed to my sis' office at DLPC-Ponciano and handed her Asus Notebook which she was needing at that moment. We had a quick visit at Smart which is just beside DLPC along Ponciano and got mom's Smart Money loaded with cash. After that transaction, we headed to Philhealth Office to submit my mom's PHIC requirements needed for her non-paying PHIC membership. I felt glad because it was processed fast though I still need to go back there to claim her new ID. We then headed to NCCC- R. Magsaysay and thank God, because of my blog earnings I got to buy things for myself. :) Yesterday was such a long day for me that I found myself too tired as the night crawled in. Despite becoming tired, I still slept late because I still lurked on the net and engrossed myself in texting, lol!:) Slept past midnight.

Today is officially my Day 3 off from work and the day is just starting, lol!. Woke up early because I felt hungry, and now am hooked online trying to catch some opps. However, they seem to be unkind with me today. PPP has more or less 150 opps but none available for me. Meanwhile, it is raining so hard now that I can obviously hear those raindrops from the outside. I just hope the rain would stop because for sure I'd be out this afternoon to meet my friend who's due to arrive from Manila today. I actually save this date just to spend time with my college friend whom I haven't seen for many years. I am becoming excited now!:) This is all for now and happy Thursday everyone!:)

19 November 2008

OFF Day 1

I came from a graveyard shift yesterday which marked the start of my 4 days off. Because of too much excitement, I started my off day right with bunch of colleagues having our breakfast in Agdao where delicious "bulalo" and "hinalang na baka" is being served. Went home and got myself four (4) hours of sleep (only!). At around 3pm, I headed to the hospital (still in the hospital on an off day, lol!) to accomplish my assignment of completing the forms needed to be submitted to the CSR. Since it rained heavily yesterday, I stayed in our ward for 3 hours. There, I extended help to at least lighten up the loads of those on duty. At 6pm I got my hair glossed (lol!) at Arlyn's. I resorted to Arlyn's in Cabaguio because it's nearer to the hospital. Spent almost two (2) hours in there. After having my hair done, went to KFC for my dinner. Surprisingly, a colleague friend A was there so we had dinner together. After dinner, A and I parted ways while I waited for L. L fetched me at the mall and we headed to Karl's Coffee Corner in Lanang. We spent the night just chatting of about anything from depressions, successes, careers, families and stuffs. I supposedly like to get myself a body massage but I decided to just go home because I was too tired. Went home past 2AM.

At least sulit ang Day 1, hehehe. :)

Four Days Off!


Yes! Am having 4 days off from work which started yesterday! At least I have been given this chance to rest, to relax, and to attend to things left unattended because of too much involvement at work!:) Now am making the most of my off days. ;) Be hitting work back again on Saturday.

Thanks Ma'am B for this. :)

17 November 2008

Blog Awards!:)

I've been tagged again by Donabel. Thanks so much for this sis.. :)

The rules are:
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. You need to choose ten people to be awarded and list their names.
3. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog [soon!].

Now am passing this tag to marc, grace, benchiegrace, jhelea, aprilheart, babette, shimumsy, pchi, marky, lisa. ;)

15 November 2008

What's Happening Friendster?

Yesterday, I was excited to log on to my Friendster account because I knew some new messages are waiting for me. However, when I typed in the address/URL, it took time to download until I was given an error page. I thought it was only our internet connection that's kinda slow. When I checked on the page early this morning, it still gave me the same message until I chatted with P, a friend who's now based in Canada. She too asked me if I am experiencing logging problems with Friendster. At least it's now clear that Friendster is having some problems as of this moment which is experienced by its subscribers worldwide. I just hope Friendster will be back to normal soon.

Painful Dysmenorrhea

I rarely experienced dysmenorrhea but when I get to have it, dang, it's really that painful! Since yesterday, I am struggling with it. It has reached the point that I could no longer move and all I wanna do is lie on my abdomen most of the time. With all that has happened, I finally got the courage to resort to pain relievers (which I rarely do as long as I can bear with it). After taking Mefenamic Acid (it's Dolfenal 500mg), I can't anymore remember everything. All I could remember was am off to dreamland right away. Today, I woke up with a good feeling that I really have gotten a very sound sleep. I still have abdominal cramps though but these are just tolerable compared to what I experienced last night. I pretty hope I won't be experiencing such an agony again!

14 November 2008

Eyeglasses I Like!

I asked one Ateneo student who went on duty with us last night as to how much is the cost of her blue colored eyeglasses. She told me it cost her up to $100. OMG! That's a big amount of money already. Then I remembered the variable dimension frames from Zenni and can't help sharing it here. Compared to that $100 that Ateneo student spent, I'd rather opt for Zenni who have great eyeglasses for less. Besides, Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Meaning, it has been known worldwide. Why not check Zenni on Fox and read the great news yourself so you'd be best convinced?
I am just being thoughtless today. Just woke up after at least three (3)hours of sleep this afternoon. Got home almost lunch today. Geez! I was awake for almost twenty (20) before coming home this morning. My work duty wasn't all that bad though I got 20+ ER admissions. Good thing I was able to transfer my closely monitored patient to the Pedia ICU because of its deteriorating status. This is all for now. Be blogging back once I have the energy to share some stuffs.

13 November 2008

Cute Pic That Makes Me Smile :)

I got this pic from my email inbox and I feel like sharing it to just cheer you up guys!:) Hope this helps, no matter how are you are feeling today.. Have a blessed Thursday!

12 November 2008

Christmas Is In The Air!

Christmas is in the air these days. One can hear Christmas songs over the radio and more often than not, people become so involved with trying to beautify their own homes with Christmas lights and decorations. Yours truly has never been an exception. Yesterday, I finally had the courage to decorate our very own home with Christmas decors. I spent a half day just trying to beautify it. Now am sharing these pics as fruits of my labor:

It Just Hurts!

I personally get hurt too easily and I hate mysekf for giving in to such a weakness. I don't know. I just find myself too sensitive at times. Recently, I was immersed into confrontational situation which I never hesitated. When I tried to battle everything, I felt I was shaking to the extent that my only resort was to cry. I silenty cry oftentimes when I thought of not fighting back anymore. At least when I cry, I knew relief awaits but is just temporary.

11 November 2008

Quantum of Solace: A Must-see Movie!

I watched James Bond 007's "Quantum of Solace" yesterday. I can always feel the thrill, the excitement, and the adventure everytime I watched a double 07 movie. The plot is always interesting and the breath taking actions are all very impressive. Gadgets and the use of technology such as the GPS is also amazing! Really a must-see movie!

Below is the film's trailer which I have included in this post. My gratitude to Youtube's SonyPicsUK who uploaded it for the public to see. ;)

The Blogging RNs ;)

Photo credit: Benchiegrace

We used to be Mam Elisa's angels at DMC-Genward(including Shoi and Ate Leah M.) but because nothing is permanent in this world, these two were transferred to Mindanao Heart Center leaving me behind. Friendship still flourish even if we got different work areas already. It's a good thing we shared the same passions like music and blogging. We may not be able to see each other more often even if we're working in the same institution but am glad cos we're still able to keep in touch especially now that we're both hooked into blogging.

Cheers to a year of friendship guys!:)

10 November 2008

Bloggers Unite For Refugees Today!

Like us, refugees are also humans born with flesh and one human heart. They used to have their own homes, used to live a simple yet a contented life with their families being intact. However, due to some unpredictable events in their lives, say for instance during conflicts of violence and war to where they are, they fled their own homes uncertain as to where life would take them. The thought of fleeing their homes living somewhere for safety, is never that normal anymore. Hence, they traveled away from home and live in camps where temporary shelter is built for as long as they’re safe.

My heart personally aches for this people, the refugees especially their children. How else could they be able to live a normal life? How about these children? They come to be deprived with education, safety and sometimes with their basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. How about health care services? Are they accessible to this type of people who are just living in their temporary homes?

Today, bloggers have become united to bring focus to the millions of refugees around the world who have been suffering from life’s uncertainties. It is in our own little way that we can make a difference in the lives of these people by fostering and bringing awareness campaigns about them.
Well I just hope I at least made a difference even in my own little way.

09 November 2008

My Don't-Go-There Experience

Don’t go there anymore!
That usually is the statement that keeps on playing in my head when I think about that Digos ancestral house we had been into a few years back. Sometime in 2004, we were once nursing students who traveled an hour away from Davao City to Digos City because of our 4-day hospital exposure at Digos Provincial Hospital. Upon our arrival from a tiring travel, we got fascinated with the place at an 80/day rate. The place got 3 big bedrooms with 3 big beds in it. It even felt like closer to home because we had our own cabinets, big shower rooms, and a dining room. The first two nights was great until we were being asked by our clinical instructor of how we’re doing on that ancestral house. Later we learned creepy stories told about the place. On our last night, creepy experience did hit us. We heard dogs growling all through the night. We even took a bath in pairs. Even guys were too afraid to get out of their rooms. What was more terrifying was when my friend whom I shared the room with got a text message with unidentified number telling her that they’ve been waiting for her and that the message demanded my friend to open the door because it’s too cold and windy outside. We’re so afraid that we both curled under our blankets with the lights on for the night. We all haven’t slept! It was a sigh of relief when we left the house the following day and paved back home.

By the way, a must-read book entitled “Don’t Go There” by Peter Greenberg will be out in the next few days so be sure to check on it so you’d know about places you dare not go. You can also submit your video and text entries about your-don’t-go-there experiences at www.dontgothere.org.


eBay For Entrepreneur Wanna-Bes

If I really get to choose what I’d like to engage into in life, I would like the life of being an entrepreneur. Why engage in entrepreneurship? It is because one doesn’t have a boss to report on to and besides this is really more income generating as long as one gets to meet the needs and demands of his target market. One of the best examples on entrepreneurship is selling on eBay. What makes E-bay so widely famous is the fact that it is the most convenient online shopping to many people especially those who can’t find time to shop personally for their buying needs. I know selling on eBay would never be this difficult because of the variety of products that a customer could choose from online. Whether a customer is looking for real estate or fashion, books or even jobs, certainly eBay has an array of lists for it. You name it, they have it and that’s what makes eBay convenient and famous. To the entrepreneurs, eBay is more income generating because anyone around the world can get an access to it. If only I could invest for business, I would definitely choose to sell on eBay!


07 November 2008

Death of One of My Most Admired Blogger Mimay :(

OMG! I couldn't believed she passed away at an early age of 24!
Mimay, a great blogger/writer who owned Coatable Coats, died last October 21, 2008. I was really so shocked with the news. I personally am a frequent visitor of her blog because I love the way she writes and expresses anything in her mind. We even chatted one time via YM, you know getting in touch with some bloggers. Recently, I noticed there has been no new posts from Mimay. Just today, as I opened her site to do my regular visits, I got so shocked with the latest entry that informs bloggers that the owner of the blog has passed away. I just couldn't believe it, really! With my heart pounding so fast, I tried to read the post several times just to convince myselt that it really is true. Well, it's never a good joke if it happens to be untrue. I just feel sad for her. I found her really nice and and was able to shed some time chatting with me on that one particular day. She could have written wondrous posts if her life is being spared. To Mimay, wherever you are, may you rest in peace! You will definitely be missed by your family and friends, and of course you are a great loss in the blogosphere!

05 November 2008

Days Rewind :)

I think it was in my previous that I've mentioned my being too tired to blog, lol! But am back once again! Should I say I have rested quite enough for me to get myself back into blogging? Nah, not really. :) I guess I have this passion to really write whatever goes inside my mind irregardless if the post is sound or not. I don't even mind writing nonsense stuffs. It's my blog anyway, lol! Anyways, be sharing what had happened the past few days. Most days were entirely spent with the family though we never get to go out that much. Staying here at home with the family complete already meant a lot. Here's what kept me busy the past days (and I apologize for blogging this late,lol!) :

Saturday (Nov 1):

My family and I went to San Pedro Memorial Park to visit the graves of my beloved paternal grandparents and relatives. I got to be together again with paternal relatives. We only stayed there for about 3 hours because I need to go back home early to prepare for my graveyard shift duty that night.

Sunday (Nov 2):

This happened simultaneously on Sunday. I slept for about 2 hours after work. Woke up during lunch time. 2 hours after lunch, my sister and I decided to bring our beloved niece to a movie treat and we watched High School Musical 3. My sister and I were like laughing our hearts out because my niece is familiar with the songs and we can't help but laughed at her because she got sooo "kilig" with Troy and Gabriella in the movie (lol!). By the way, we got ourselves with McDonald foods inside the movie theater. Soon after we got out of the movie theater, we again gave her a treat. We headed to Sonic Boom, bought tickets, and played in there. Yours truly was fascinated with that basketball thingy!:)

Monday (Nov 3):
Woke up so early and headed to Davao Doctor's Hospital particularly to their Laboratory Department to have my mom submitted for Fasting Blood Sugar and other lab exams such as creatinine check, cholesterol, uric acid and urine analysis. After doing routine exams, we ate our breakfast then headed to PHIC Regional office so my mom could convert her PHIC membership as a nonpaying member. Too bad she wasn't able to bring a copy of her marriage contract which made that purpose unsuccessful. We instead gathered all the requirements and they are under my care now, and just as she can give me a marriage contract copy, I'd be submitting them to the PHIC office the soonest possible time. We went back to DDH-Laboratory Department for my mom's lab results. She still got a HIGH value on her FBS result with a HIGH mark also on her serum cholesterol. Uric Acid and Creatinine both yield normal results (thank GOD!). We then headed to Gaisano Mall and I got her Smart Money loaded with 2k (thanks to paid blogging for this!). After that I bought myself another Samsung phone (the one shown above) for only P1590 which is intended for my Sun sim. :) My old Nokia phone? I gave it to my mom for her E-loading business. :) We went home really tired and I was able to sleep for almost 3 hours in the afternoon. :) I really had a good time with my mom on that day! :)

Tuesday (Nov 4):
Woke up early (again!). It was the day when my parents and my niece left Davao bound to our hometown. I just spent the day online, got a little rest then reported for work. Thank GOD I did have a light duty last night. :)

This is all for now and I'd try to update all my blogs every once in a while. :)

P.S. : Thanks uploaders for all these photos included in this post.