30 October 2008

Missing My Darling Niece!

photo taken a a few years back ;)

I was awakened by her voice call this afternoon using my mom's cell phone. She gladly told me she's gonna be visiting us. She can't wait to bond with us and of course with me whom she considered as her 2nd mom, lol! ;) She wanted to have been here since Monday but because our hometown is a 6-7 hour away from the city, no one will be able to be with her during the travel. We can't even demand for our parents, her darling grandparents to send her here because they too are busy engaged with earning money for a living. I could have sent my brother there but he got some transactions to attend to which were all left unattended when my sister was hospitalized last week. Well, at least she's gonna be visiting us here hopefully with my parents whom I also missed.

29 October 2008

Precious Day With Girlfriends

Yesterday, I took time to really go out with my girlfriends. It was actually unplanned and our main focus was just to attend the annual fiesta mass of St. Jude Thaddeus Parish since one of my friends got an evening NCLEX review classes. We heard mass together at 12 noon then ate our lunch after. We headed to Gaisano Mall past 2:00PM and there we strolled, windowshopped, and bought some much needed stuffs. Came 5:00PM, Donna arrived and we just went on windowshopping for cellphones and laptops until our feet got tired. We had our dinner at Mang Inasal, still @ Gaisano Mall and we spent hours just chatting. It was almost 9:00PM when we got out of the mall's premises and decided to reward ourselves with a whole body massage from Firm Spa along Bajada, Davao City. My girlfriends and I had an hour of soothing body massage with the spa's Firm Combo pick. I went home after an hour wanting to hit my bed so quickly because of the soothing feeling I had. It was really a great time I had with friends!

28 October 2008

Reunion with GOD

Photo credits: crossborder ministries.co.uk

As everybody knows, I considered myself a devout Catholic. I highly profess my faith unto HIM, I always say my prayers everyday, but there's one thing I really missed of. I miss having to visit the church and attend masses especially on Sundays.

Today. I am happy. I am happy because I got to reunite myself with God which had long been waiting for me. Today, I attended mass with my girlfriends at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish Church in commemoration of their Annual Fiesta. It really feels good to be reunited with God and it also feels good to be back to where you really intend to belong.

Loaded With Vitamins!

Recently, I feel good. I don't feel weak nor do I feel uberly tired. Got no cough, no colds, no canker sores or whatever sore it is. I later realized that eating and getting enough sleep isn't that enough for a health worker like me. Now, I got myself loaded with VITAMINS! I got Vitamin C for my immune system booster, a Vitamin E, and Multivitamins with Iron and Folic Acid. Finally I get to realize that I am not a superwoman, a robot, or a heroine. I got a body that grows tired and weary and now it's time for me to protect it by taking doses of vitamins. I hope I'd be as healthy as ever!

27 October 2008

AM Back With Blogging!

Hello everyone, am back! I have missed blogging since I got busy with stuffs like attending to my sister who was confined a few days ago and the fact that I also reported for work while she was admitted. At least now, everything seems to be OK. She was discharged yesterday from the hospital around lunch time and I spent the remaining hours just resting so I could be physically equipped for last night's duty. Just woke this afternoon and I recently finished eating my lunch. Hope all is well with you guys!:)

Happy Monday!:)

24 October 2008

My Sis Is In The Hospital

I am now blogging inside the hospital room where my sister is. There she is comfortably chatting with her visitors. Physically, she doesn't look weak. I even appear much paler and perhaps looks weaker than her because I still am restless after two successive graveyard shifts. A few days before she was finally admitted to the hospital, she got intermittent fever with chills accompanied with headache. Three days after I told her to have her platelet and hematocrit checked. First platelet count was slightly below normal which was 122 from the normal 140 range. I told her to have it checked again the next day. Yesterday after work, I got a message from her and she told me she got a 95 platelet count result. With that, I told her to seek medical consult cos as far as I know, a decreasing platelet will really warant hospital admission and I wanted her to be admitted too for monitoring and hydration. My parents who are based in the province also recommended the same thing. Despite my being sleepless and tired, we got her admitted in the afternoon. Poor sis, she can't escape from those injection needles where her platelet count is monitored every six hours. As of this writing, latest platelet count is still down and I just hope that it will soon climb up to its normal level since she tirelessly drinks water from time to time aside from the intravenous fluids given to her. I Hope all is well with regards to her health.

Note: The doctor just saw her and Dengue Fever is the admitting impression.

22 October 2008

It is past 4pm today and I just woke up. I came from a 12-hour shift and in a few more hours, I'd be off for work again on another 12-hour shift (urgh!). I did try to sleep cos I don't wanna get tired, I don't wanna get angry for not being able to sleep much, and of course I wanna have that single dose of patience and get the nerve to face and take in charge of that whooping 140+ patients. Patience is indeed a virtue which am trying to keep in mind tonight. Be getting back to my blogging stints once my sked gets back into normal. Happy blogging!

21 October 2008

Mom Needs A New Pair Of Eyeglasses

As we age, our eyesight also deteriorates. This is truly applicable to my parents who have been using eyeglasses for the past many years. My mother, who is now retired and was once a school principal, has battled against eyesight problems plus the fact that she’s a known Diabetic. I can see how she struggled not having her eyeglasses with her. It’s giving her headaches and it makes her eyes put into tears. I blamed those paper works she gets to work on then, even at home. At least now that she’s retired, her eyes have more time to rest. However, it doesn’t excuse her from needing a good vision. She now manages her small store business, and just the same, she works hard trying to grasp on lists of goods and do some repacking. She still needs to have a supposedly improved vision. Her eyeglasses are quite old now. We both purchased them like three years ago. I guess she deserves to have new eyeglasses this time. It may be a cheaper one just like the eyeglasses offered by Zenni Optical on an $8 dollar rate for as long as they have the quality that will definitely serve its purpose. I just wish I could suffice for my mom’s eyeglasses the soonest possible time. That would definitely be a great gift for her this Christmas.

By the way, gotta be sharing this article from the Chicago Tribune that did facilitate the idea that there are really cheap prescription eyeglasses in the market:

Price ranges for glasses prove real eye-opener

Prescription eyeglasses are part medical product and part fashion accessory for the two-thirds of American adults who wear them at least occasionally. But no matter why you're buying a pair of specs, you're probably overpaying.

Americans spend $28.7 billion annually on vision products and services, according to the Vision Council of America. Eyeglass frames and lenses make up the largest portion, about $16 billion.

Many of the 147 million adult eyeglass wearers probably don't know they could be getting a better price because few shop around. Prices vary widely. People can pay more than $1,000 for a pair of glasses, while at least one Internet provider promises a pair for $8. An identical pair of eyeglasses costs from $178 to $390, depending on the optician or optometrist, according to research in seven U.S. cities by Consumers' Checkbook, a consumer information guide.

"There is big price variation from outlet to outlet for exactly the same lenses and frames," said Robert Krughoff, president of Consumers' Checkbook, found online at Checkbook.org. Moreover, service at some low-cost suppliers was rated quite good, he said.

The single most important consumer tip for buying eyeglasses is to relax. Inexpensive glasses pose no health risk to your eyes. Even a bad pair of glasses -- lenses, specifically -- won't give you an eye infection or permanently damage your eyes, although they could cause headaches until they are fixed.

So you should consider comparison shopping, as opposed to simply buying whatever your eye doctor has to sell. In fact, a 1978 Federal Trade Commission ruling called the Ophthalmic Practices Rules says you have a right to take your prescription anywhere to buy glasses. So you're not locked in to buying from your doctor, where prices are likely to be highest.

Still, it's true that people receive the best service from their neighborhood optician or medical-center eye doctor, according to a survey of 92,000 readers of Consumer Reports magazine.

The decision about buying glasses generally comes down to where you buy them. You should decide based on four criteria: price, service, selection and speed of delivery. The simpler your prescription, with normal measurements and no bifocals and trifocals, the better luck you're likely to have buying from a cheaper source, said Gregory Good, professor of clinical optometry at Ohio State University. As with most products, you'll want to know about warranties and return policies.

Here are categories of eyewear outlets, with tips for buying glasses. Next week, we'll talk about saving money on contact lenses.

DOCTORS AND INDEPENDENTS. If you're willing to pay more for glasses in return for good service, buy from your eye doctor or an independent optical shop. They are also likely to carry brand-name frames, which is largely a personal fashion choice.

But the secret about name-brand frames is companies such as Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren don't make the frames, Consumer Reports said. They just license their names to a regular frame manufacturer.

"You can eliminate the ultrahigh-cost frame by looking for a stylish frame that doesn't have a brand name attached to it," said money-saving expert Clark Howard, an Atlanta author and radio-show host.

Buying eyewear could include a trust factor that might be higher with your doctor or a neighborhood optician.

CHAIN STORES. If you're willing to pay to have glasses quickly, try a chain store, such a LensCrafters, which promises glasses in about an hour. "The advantage is you walk in and an hour later you walk out with your glasses," Howard said. "A lot of people will pay for convenience."

Be sure to receive the discounts you're eligible for. For example, a discount with AAA membership might be more valuable than using your employer vision insurance. If you're in no hurry, wait for discount specials that run during the Christmas holiday season when few people are looking to buy new eyeglasses, Howard said in his book "Clark's Big Book of Bargains: Clark Howard Teaches You How to Get the Best Deals."

WAREHOUSE CLUBS. If price is important, try a warehouse club. Costco Wholesale Corp. scored very high with Consumer Reports readers and Consumers' Checkbook findings. BJ's Optical, found in Eastern states, also scored well. For some warehouse clubs, you don't need a membership to buy glasses.

ONLINE. If price is paramount, try an Internet merchant. Howard recently bought glasses from Zenni Optical, where you can buy glasses online for $8. Howard had a few add-ons that raised the total price to $41, which is still a bargain. He wears the glasses daily. "I don't know how these people do it, but it's a steal," Howard said. "The glasses are perfect. And the feedback I've gotten from [radio] listeners is they have good customer service."

One advantage of ultracheap glasses is that even if everything goes badly with your transaction, you're not out a lot of money. Of course, you won't have an optician to adjust the frames so they're comfortable and to ensure bifocals are aligned properly with your eyes. Reviews of some online retailers are available at EyeglassRetailerReviews.com and GlassyEyes.blogspot.com.

You could also try a hybrid plan, where you buy frames online and take them to an optician to have lenses inserted. You'll have to judge whether the hassle is worth the savings.

No matter where you buy eyeglasses, view lens add-ons skeptically. You'll be offered a variety of lens materials and coatings.

For add-ons that you can test out, ask to see samples of glasses with and without the feature to determine whether it's worthwhile.

Gregory Karp is a personal finance writer for The Morning Call, a Tribune Co.Allentown, Pa. E-mail him at yourmoney@tribune.com. newspaper in
For additional discussion on spending wisely, see the Spending Smart blog at http://blogs.mcall.com/spendingsmart.

What A Bad Dream!

Good morning everyone!
I woke up early because of a bad dream (urgh!) involving my beloved relatives in Bohol. Something happened to my Auntie Miming as depicted in my dream. It did give me a very creepy feeling! I now sent her a text message and still awaiting for her reply. Hope nothing bad would happen to her (knocks on the wood!).

20 October 2008

Worshipping GOD

Let me share with you these two lines from the book of Psalms which serve as my guiding light wherever I am:

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

True enough, these two lines may be short but it conveys everything about GOD as my refuge, my source of strength, my confidante, and my Savior. Whatever rollercoaster rides I’ve been through and will be undertaking for as long as I live, I knew He’d always be beside me. For me, there’s noting to fear for or to be afraid of for as long as He is within me and for as long as HE resides in me. This is how I am living my life, living my life with GOD in it.

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Stress+Spicy Foods = Canker Sores!

Yes, I got canker sores right now and it has been with me for 2 days already. I am done with an aching tongue and this time my lower gum (as shown in the pic) and my inner cheek is again in trouble. Poor oral cavity, it hasn't rested yet! Still am having a hard time eating and the pain is slightly tolerable. I even put some "tawas" on the sore area which is very painful but the after relief is what counts the most. My sores are now on its healing stage (I hope!) and this is just a very self-limiting illness. It will just do away after a few days. I hope by the time I wake up tomorrow, these will all be gone.
Happy Monday peeps!

19 October 2008


Came from a graveyard shift. Thank God I survived my 12-hour duty despite feeling ill. So, so tired that when I got home I almost forgot to change to my house clothes, lol! After a few minutes, I was off to dreamland and I was able so soundly slept for more than three (3) hours. Now am just taking time watching Youtube videos and blogging!:) Thanks guys for still taking time to visit my blog site!:) Be visiting you back all when I can. Have a blessed Sunday!

Iisa Pa Lamang Fanatic!

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

I am Iisa Pa Lamang's number 1 fan since it started months ago. I go gaga over Catherine Dela Rhea's "palaban" attitude portrayed by Ms. Claudine Barretto-Santiago and I so love Cherry Pie Picache's villain role as Isadora where you love to hate her for her evil acts. It's also great to witness Claudine's heated arguments and conversations with Scarlet Dela Rhea-Castillejo played by Angelica Panganiban. Can't really get enough of this drama lol! It's good that some Iisa Pa Lamang fanatics took time to upload its episodes (thank you Youtube uploaders!) so viewers from around the world including me who gets to miss it when am at work can still get a hang of it anytime. I just love watching marvelous scenes from this drama. :) Iisa Pa Lamang rocks!:)

18 October 2008

Tired And ILL

Most of my complaints nowadays speak of my being tired plus the mere fact that I am also feeling ill because of colds and a progressing cough. I realize that I easily got tired these days and my off days aren't just enough to relax and rest. All I am missing right now is a week-long vacation just devoting time for rest and relaxation. However, that's becoming impossible in my part because I am bound with some limitations in my contract. Poor me having to succumb for whatever unpredictable work loads I can get. I am still optimistic though that I can withstand everything, and still praying to get rid of physical exhaustion. *sighs*

When The Power Of Influence Strikes!

Just when you thought you're giving attention to everyone fair and square when they seem to be just contented with what we can give them when all of a sudden someone influential intend to break that once contented environment leaving us startled. Without further ado, we quickly attended to such request even in our busiest time and it's unbelievable that in a matter of minutes (come to think of it, minutes ha!), quick action was executed. I have nothing against those influential people but I am disappointed with whom the favor was granted for they have tried to use other person's influence for their own sake. Well, my heart aches for those who are less fortunate without no one powerful to cling on to. :( *sniff*sniff*

Just sharing.

16 October 2008

House Arrest Today

Since I am battling with nasal congestion and a little cough, I intend to just stay home today to indulge myself in some form of rest and relaxation. True enough, I was able to sleep later this afternoon. However, the ill feeling that I have doesn't change. Now, I got a dry cough (ugh!). I just hope that at least I'd be relieved from this feeling too soon because work really requires me to be healthy. Gotta get some sleep now. Goodnight everyone!

15 October 2008


Got colds again these days! I started having this nasal discomfort late yesterday. I even had a hard time sleeping. Today, it has gone worst! It's as if something is hidden inside my nose. I can't just position myself anywhere I want to when lying on bed. Now am taking cold medications for relief and I am trying to increase my oral fluid intake. Just hope I will get better tomorrow.

14 October 2008

Interesting Panama!


When I was years younger, I came to know Panama when I got to view world beauty pageants. Little did I know that Panama is such an interesting place to be! Located in the heart of Central America, Panama or officially known as the Republic of Panama, is an international business center and is also a transit country. Meaning, the country is one great place to live and invest! One of the fabulous places in Panama is Casco Antiguo. It is an old city but mind you investments are rich in there. In fact, the Hotel Casco Antiguo, a 5-star condo hotel is yet to be completed and is still paving its way to fame. Accordingly, this condo hotel will house 34 condo units for sale accompanied with great amenities to avail of. Should one gets interested about Panama and Casco Antigua and finally invests with them, it is really best to register for an Ebrochure Here. Personally if given the chance, I'd like to get my own condo hotel unit with Hotel Casco Antiguo. I mean, I would not have to worry over my investments since the city is continuosly invaded by countless investors. Besides it's like winning a jackpot when one gets to purchase a unit from one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world.


13 October 2008

My Sharp Tooth Finally Extracted!

Because of the pains I've been through, I finally got my sharp tooth extracted courtesy of a dentist turned colleague in the profession, Dr. Luel Lumangtad, DMD, RN. Glad that our seminar ended up early and got an appointment with him. While sitting on his dental chair, I was like embarrassed for feeling so guilty that I haven't taken care of my teeth for quite some time and he knew all that! I told him I better had dental prophylaxis prior to tooth extraction, which he gladly obeyed. In between the prophylaxis made, I was given an anesthesia, a topical one so the portion where the tooth to be extracted would feel numb. Indeed, it became numb that I can't even feel that he injected another dose of anesthesia to the area. I even closed my eyes so as not to get a sight of that dental needle. When it was about time, I just closed my eyes with my mouth opened wide. I could feel that he's busy pulling out that diseased tooth from the the crown to its root. Finally after a few minutes he managed to let it all out! Right after the procedure, a great relief was felt! Thanks Dokie Luel for that quite difficult job you made on my teeth. ;)

Now? I can speak, I can talk, and I can even sing (again!)...

He's 25 -Peso Richer Today!

This is another account of my paying a higher fare while I was on my way for work.

I was almost late for our first day seminar so I hailed a taxi cab that could bring me on time. Thank God, it was still 7:55 AM when I reached the seminar's venue which was held in the hospital where I am currently working. I handed him my 100-peso bill for a 75-peso fare. He was like scratching his head because I later knew that he ain't got no change at all. He was kinda annoyed that I did not have an exact amount to pay him and he insisted that we should go out of the vicinity and had it changed. I resisted because I was almost late. I told him I better punched my DTR card first while suggesting to have my 100-peso bill changed from an approaching taxi cab. When I got back, still he got no change. He was even a bit pissed off, and so was I. So as not to argue with him, I annoyingly gave my 100-peso bill and ran hurriedly inside the building for I was trying to get inside the seminar hall before it starts. Hahayz!

12 October 2008

My Aching Tongue Is Killing Me SO BAD!

My tongue is in its worst condition to date! Right now, the sore portion becomes too painful to bear. I am always in the brink of crying out when I got to swallow, even my saliva! I even have a hard time talking. How much more if I get to eat? I have already gargled warm water with salt, placed a pinch of "tawas" on the affected tongue and got to really moan in pain, still it is so terribly painful! I just hope I could make an excuse tomorrow (even for just a while) from the seminar and get to see the dentist to have my sharp tooth polished or have it removed!

Momentous RMPC Beach Escapade!

Even if am having a hard time coping up with my aching tongue yesterday, I still managed to join Genward's getaway @ RMPC Resort and Training Center with a crowd of 30 peeps who attended. I left home at 8:00AM bringing with me my own share of "Chopsuey" for lunch. The heat was so terrible despite having to wear a comfy get-up. We left Davao City for Babak past 9:30AM via Island City Express. I never thought it could be somewhere far but it really is. From Babak proper, we travelled bumpy roads on our way to the site. Upon arrival, we readily took our lunch for our tired and hungry stomachs. Shortly after lunch, games were on. Everybody got the chance to participate. Singing engagements followed. We passed the time away just having fun irregardless of how I was feeling!

10 October 2008

A Traffic Jam On A Rainy Thursday Night

I was late yesterday for work for about 12 minutes. Blame it on the heavy rains that attacked Davao City yesterday! I was even amazed that our once less congested roads have been jam packed with cars and jeepneys causing a traffic jam leaving some annoyed, including the cab driver that sent me to work. It took an hour for me to reach my work destination. I learned that there were floody areas near us causing some roads impassable. It was for that instance that drivers turned their gears and hit our Cabantian road. At least I was not reprimanded for being late. :)

Can't Eat, Can't Talk and It Hurts!

I accidentally broke my not-so-strong tooth this morning while eating our dawn snack. I thought it was just okay until I finally see a dentist. Later did I know that the remains of the broken part has become sharp that it finally hurts when I talk and when I eat. Now I have an abused tongue, a sore one that is just adjacent to the broken sharp tip! Guess I need to go to the dentist ASAP and have it polished or be removed! Urgh!

09 October 2008

I Love Chippens!

It was payday yesterday, and since my colleague friend April and I were both tired and hungry, we went to Chippens Restaurant along Roxas street for a buffet dinner. The foods were so tasteful all of which really satisfied our stomachs. I so loved the mouth-watering Blueberry Cheese Cake where I got plenty of slices! If you're looking for a place where you want to satisfy your stomach, try Chippens!

Vidigreet E-Cards

With the evolution of technology, gone were the days when we send out snail mails to someone by going to post offices, have them mailed, and recipients get to receive them after a few days. With our advanced technology now, sending mails or cards have never been this easy. One just have to conveniently sit in front of the computer, connect on the world wide web, write an email or choose an e-card from a wide variety of sites online, and instantly send them to its recipients in just one click. It is to this great innovation in technology that Vidigreet comes into existence. Vidigreet is just another great site for those thoughtful folks who wish to send wonderful e-cards to friends and loved-ones. With Vidigreet, they're not just the typical e-cards. They have in fact great adult-themed, humorous e-cards for everyday ocasions. Super Funny ecards are in store that it could perk up someone's mood! It has also an array of Adult e Cards and Naughty eCards to choose from that could be fascinating to the recipient. So if you're searching for a great variety of eCards online, don't fail to notice those fabulous eCards highly recommended by Vidigreet!

07 October 2008

When Expectations Fail

I was too hopeful that a certain favor will be granted but I am down with false hopes. Is it just ethical to say it's payback time and I need my favor be granted when am needing it the most? I sincerely laid down my cards and is ready to sacrifice anything for that favor but still it's unclear. I am not someone who does things and expect something in return but sometimes it is just RIGHTFULLY SANE to demand when the need arises. If this will not be resolved this week, got no choice but to take all the risks so I could spend that precious time with my already known Genward Family.

With these I have learned the following:
- that I should not be too considerate at all times
- that I should be more wiser enough next time
- that I should learn to say NO and not always say YES when being asked for favors
- that I should give some people a dose of their own medicines by trying to be firm in some of my decisions
- that I should not be armed with high hopes for expectations might fail

LBM Strikes Again!

Yesterday, I thought I could not make it for work on a graveyard shift. I took an hour sleep and was awakened by my rambling stomach. The pain got so intense that I was rushing like a wind on my way to the comfort room. There, I let them all out! I can't recall anything bad that I have eaten on that day. After that, I fixed myself and got ready for work. I was about to leave home when another rambling episode happen again. I was quite disappointed because I was all set to go and in uniform. Got no choice but to undress and head back to the comfort room. After all that has happened, I took an anti-diarrheal drug so I could make it at work. I got an intermittent stomach trouble though but at least I never had to rush to and from the comfort room. Thanks Imodium for saving me last night!

06 October 2008

No More Fears Shoppers!


Since I am fond of clothing specifically blouses, I did try purchasing one online using my debit card. Before generating my payment through Visa Electron, I had thought of it a million times before I got the nerve to confirm my order. It's like hesitance was all over me then but I still gave it a try. I was somewhat fearful with thoughts that my money could head nowhere or my order might not have reached me, lol! Good thing that my blouse arrived in good condition. But still, am so fearful then about online transactions and payments because nobody gets to tell me how can I make sure that my money's gonna be safe or whether an order could be successfully sent. At least now, technology has been on the road for more innovations and one great example of a good innovation is buySAFE which is solely intended for the busy people of this generation. With buySAFE's promise to ensure a fast, reliable and a secure transaction, one could readily take a peek of things to buy online without hesitations. How to ensure whether that online shopping community is bogus or not? Try to look for a buySAFE seal or logo and check its authenticity. If it has buySAFE in it, then it means that you're on the right track. Why not visit the site now and download their free BuySafe Application? No more fears shoppers, aight? :) Happy shopping!


Pampering Oneself

To some, to live is to work. Others may state it the other way, which is to work is to live. No matter what their statements would be, work is but part of our existence. However, amidst the hustles and bustles of our everyday life, there will be a time for us to slow down, relax and just pamper or reward ourselves after a very tiring day's or week's work.

Yesterday, I got myself pampered (again!). I sort of giving myself a treat cos I deserved to have one. More so that I've been complaining lately of too much physical exhaustion. It is for this reason that I never did hesitate to pamper myself to a relaxing whole body massage. I chose the firm combo massage (without really grasping what that is all about). I just found myself so relaxed and even on the brink of falling asleep, lol! I went home feeling light with thoughts of hitting the bedroom right away.. So, so relaxing really!

Judy Ann Santos' Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam

I became interested to watch Judy Ann Santos' Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam movie when its trailer was first aired on TV. Yesterday was the chance for me to finally watch it in the big screen. The movie itself is a typical horror movie. One can spot the fearful Judy Ann in the entire movie. At first I was considering TJ Trinidad's character as irrelevant but on the latter part, I did come to dissect his significance in the movie. To give you an idea of what this movie is all about, please watch the trailer below courtesy of jeoffpaolo from YouTube. My gratitute to the uploader. ;)

05 October 2008

Just Blogging!

Just woke up this afternoon. It really feels great to have at least a 3-hour sleep after work. Haven't eaten my lunch yet but I seem not to feel hungry for now. Friends from work are now inviting me to watch a movie with them on this very Sunday. I'll still think about it whether to go out or not for a break.

Just blogging guys!
Have A Happy Sunday!

I Get Tired Too

I have been a hospital slave for more than a year now and what do I get? My answer is only simple: I got plenty of learning experiences to live by. I am proud to say that despite having been misjudged by a few, I still got varied compliments of great value which will be kept for life. I may be scorned or being frowned upon by countless watchers because of not being able to address to their every need, still I stand up with head up high because of my every successful accomplishment done. If they we're just in my shoe, guess they would know how it feels to be considered like a superwoman in the sickroom. Well, I only have these to say: Peeps, I get tired too and I hope you'd get to understand that.

04 October 2008

I've Changed My Template (again!)

I did like my previous template but I later figured it out that it took a few minutes for it to download, hence, I readily switched on to a Blogger Classic template. At least the one that I have on right now is easy to download and it's even eye friendly to me provided that it is just a very simple template. My eyes can't already withstand colorful templates especially those with shocking colors, lol!

Thursday Escapade

I was with colleagues and friends last Thursday. We met up at a coffeeshop @ Gaisano Mall of Davao and agreed to have our singing session that night. We're supposed to watch Judy Ann Santos' Kulam who's currently shown in theaters but since some did arrive quite late, we just agreed to have our videoke session and take our dinner there. We hit Gmik Videoke House past 8pm and we really had fun singing and dancing! We went home past 12 midnight. :)

03 October 2008

Nessie's ATBP!

Please visit this new blog entitled Nessie's ATBP! More updates coming out soon. :) I hope you'll get to visit this site too just like what you did with my two sites. ;) Til here for now. Gotta be getting some rest and sleep. :)

What Loitering Can Do

I have been loitering lately at the malls. I guess it is the sense of being relaxed and stress-free that allows me to go back and spend some time in there. And look what I did? I took some not-so-good pics of the mall's view, LOL! These were all taken from Gaisano Mall of Davao. Forbid me if am not good at it. I am not just a PRO in this field, hehehe. :)

This Blog's PR

Google has recently updated Page Rank (PR) rating of online sites. I am just less fortunate not having regained my PR 2 a few months back on this site. I still have a PR Zero (0) for this blog. At least my other blog entitled On Touching and Saving Lives! has a PR 2 which I am still happy about. I just hope Google will give me a good PR the next time it updates. :)

When A Total Stranger Makes You Feel Comfortable

I once told Pete, a not-so-new and a dear friend of mine,that I met someone nice online in the person of K. I knew it's just a virtual thing though but having him chatted with me sensibly for the first time which lasted for a few hours was enough for me to state the fact that he's likeable. I mean, in an instant, we ticked and got to even exchange pics just to give us both an idea of who we're chatting with. After that instant chat, we got chances to have a few more sensible chats which made him more comfortable chatting with me. He confessed he indeed becomes comfortable each time he chats with me. I admit I am too but I got my own limitations, discretions or whatsoever, not until I would get to personally meet him if that's possible. It's even funnier now cos he's hopeful that we could get to meet someday which I doubt if that will still happen. LOL! It is just good to note that I made someone comfortable with me.

My Mom's Footwear Story That Moves Me Emotionally

The past few days, I ran errands for my mom who is now a retired teacher and is presently making herself busy with her small store business in our hometown. Part of the errand which I successfully accomplished was that of buying her a step-in footwear with her own money because she said that she seldom buys a new pair anymore and is needing one. With this, I was immersed into a different kind of emotion which certainly moved me and found myself teary-eyed for the reason that my mom shouldn't have sent money for it. I knew how hard it is for her to raise that 1K peso bill now that she's not receiving her monthly 5-digit salary anymore. I was personally crying deep inside with that scenario. I mean it's payback time now and I should have taken care of the bill incurred for her footwear but my mom knows how much I also struggle financially to suffice my needs and some bills here at home. To lighten up everything, I told my mom to notify me whenever she wants to come here in the city and I'll take care of her fare expenses. It's what I could offer her for now and she knew that well too! I ended up buying her two different styles of footwear just enough for her 1k bill. (*sighs*)

02 October 2008

It's Break Time!

After a tiring and a stressful week at work, I finally got my sought after two days off! At least I'd be giving time for myself doing some sort of rest and relaxation. I'd be hitting the road in a while to pay our phone bill and I'd be meeting friends from work tonight. I just need some time to unwind and de-stress myself. :)

01 October 2008

So Freakingly Hot!

I was supposed to get some rest this afternoon because work will be tonight but it's really that hot inside my room. Too bad, my electric fan was borrowed by my dad who's watching TV in the living room. I just tossed and turned in my bed leaving me sleepless. I just hope I won't get sleepy while am at work tonight.

Who's Loving OPM Hits?

I am a certified music addict and definitely, I go gaga not only to foreign music but also to our very own OPM Hits as well! It is for this reason that I have compiled an OPM list from my Imeem account. Why not check my OPM lists @ Nessie's ATBP? Please click here to redirect you to the site.

Frustratingly Sad!

I feel frustared not having to obtain my own NSO Certified Birth Certificate! The deadline for submission at the Accounting Office was yesterday together with our BIR form but til now I haven't submitted it yet. I thought of lining up so early on an off day but my off day is still yet to come this week. I tried checking on the E-Census site. I don't mind paying 315 PHP for each document but I found it hard where should I pay for my request. I got a debit card but unfortunately, those paying via debit/credit cards will be charged in dollars, and it's no joke to be paying $20 (roughly 900++ PHP) for each requested doc (I requested two copies). I wanted to pay online via Union Bank but I can't get through my online account. I called up Union Bank's customer service but was informed that I should try calling again within the day. Whoa! It's really giving me a pain in the neck! I just don't know when can I accomplish this requirement.