30 April 2008

I Got What I Earned!:)

I wrote a post sometime last week bout my Paypal balance to be transferred to my EON Bank Account. It was on April 22 when I requested the transaction. I checked my EON Cyber Account on the 27th thinking that the minimum days for this transaction is 5 days. Surprisingly, it was on the 25th when it was successfully transferred to my EON Cyber Account. I am happy cos at least I didn't wait too long. Excitedly, I took a few pesosesoses withdrawn from the ATM without having to check my balance. I paid some food stuffs needed for my dinner party last night. :) It just feels good to know that you earn from what you love to do. :)

World Wide Links of Love

Thanks Anne for this tag.. :)

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I'd like to share this tag to Sweet Lullabye, Yeyen05 and A Fil-AM Journey.

My Birthday yesterday!:)

Wasn't able to blog yesterday. I was too busy answering birthday text messages and well, the birthday celebrant had some errands to do. I did not actually expect that a celebration would be thrown cos I mean am not a kid anymore and parties are meant for kids. :) Fortunately, my parents did. Imagine, they arrived in time for my birthday at around noon time with already cooked "lechon" from our hometown plus a bunch of fresh seafoods and that great taste "puto". They rested for a while after a very tiring 6-hour trip then we kicked off to the supermarket to buy stuffs needed in some recipes. We went home before 4pm and we rushed cooking some recipes. Visitors arrived earlier with still uncooked foods at hand, lol!:) They waited for such a short while though then had a stomach-satisfying dinner. Thank GOD really for all the blessings!:)

28 April 2008

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Nothing Much

I was supposed to be sleeping until now but I was feeling hungry a while ago. Got no choice but to get myself to eat. I just feel so tired these days. It must have been brought about by solo duty shifts though I got a trainee whom I could always depend on for help. By the way, this is my last duty day for the month,yehey!:) I'd be having my off day tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Guess I'd be busy trying to grab some posts. I hope I could get one. Would just like to thank those who get to do their blog visits here. I'll hit you back whenever I can, promise!:) This is all for now and I'd be signing off. :)

26 April 2008

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Hope Paypal Withdrawal Transfer Works

I earned a few dollars in my Paypal account. Last Tuesday, I indeed clicked the withdrawal button to transfer some of it in my Philippine bank account. I understand that it will take 5-7 days before I can get my cash. I am just hoping that this will gonna work and finally get hold of my money. :)

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My Birthday Wishes :)

My birthday is fast approaching. 2 more days left and it's gonna be my BIG DAY,yehey! Gee! I'd be turning 30. Well, they say that getting older is better and I should say that my life has been soooo blessed with sooo many opportunities. My birthday wish, wishes? Got a few. I wish GOOD HEALTH for me (that includes my family too!), GOOD RELATIONSHIP with family and friends, good lovelife (hehehe!) and to top it all, I wish and pray that there will be good news in the next issue of the VB.

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25 April 2008

A Tragic and A Sad Occurence

I can't believe that this has happened to one of the admirable girls I knew in the institution where I am currently working. She's actually an acquaintance and she used to be a frequent visitor in our ward cos we got common friends. This pretty, young, and brilliant lass now has been hooked to a mechanical ventilator to aid her in breathing and she still hasn't been fully awake since she got admitted in the ICU.

Below is a repost from my other blog and I am sharing this to my friends here in this blog.

"I was awakened by a text message this morning informing me that a certain colleague to where I am currently working is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. She was rushed early morning in the hospital. There are speculations that she must have committed suicide which I think is not confirmed yet. Right now she's having a battle between life and death in a comatose state. We're not really friends but I can't help but feel sad for what has happened. So, so sad day for us who happens to know how great she is as a person." :(

24 April 2008

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I'm gonna be sleeping early today. Work starts at 7am tomorrow. Hope and pray that tomorrow's work would be a smooth-sailing one. Goodnight guys!:)

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Ouch! It Must Be my Eyes . . .

I am no hypochondriac this year. However, there's this strange feeling I have right now. I always feel nauseated associated with headaches. It's as if am always gonna vomit. I am 100% percent sure that it has something to with my eyes. I never cared wearing my eyeglasses even if I was advised to and it was in 2004 when I last had my eye check-up. Now am thinking I should visit an optometrist the soonest possible time.

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Special THANK YOUs

This is another Thank You post for the early birthday greeters. :) My birthday is on the 29th of this month. Thanks Mummy Sheng, Naomi, Janus, and Kerslyn for taking time to post their comments on my previous post. They really mean a lot!:)

23 April 2008

More, More Greetings!:)

My Friendster Account has been flooded with birthday comments now and early birthday messages has started invading my cellphone's inbox too!:) So, so thankful guys for remembering. :) Kakatouched nman ginagawa nyo.. :)

22 April 2008

Friends Do Remember :)

Despite being tired for the past few days after being totally exhausted from a graveyard shift-to a whole day fun @ the beach-then another 16 hours of duty the next day, I still feel glad for a simple reason that friends whom I rarely see but often missed still remember my day, which is my birthday. My birthday isn't today though but I have been receiving birthday greetings ahead. Thanks guys for remembering. Your greetings are very well treasured in my heart. :)

21 April 2008

More Pics from Our Summer Getaway :)

PPP's Friendly Customer Love :)

I had a post entry earlier bout my getting confused why am not getting paid by PPP. I immediately addressed my concern, submitted a ticket to Customer Love and guess what? I got an immediate reply. I edited my post, resubmit it and in a matter of less than two minutes, I got my payment. Thanks Customer Love for the help. :)

Our Summer Getaway

We had our summer escapade last Saturday at Costa Marina, Samal. Despite of me, being sleepless, I did go with the group cos it's a once in a lifetime opportunity that we're given this chance to relax together. We had fun and oh, the foods were great! The pic above is nice but isn't really part of Costa Marina. I was just tempted to get a shot of it cos it's just right in front of us. I had a great time with friends/workmates. :)

I Deserve to Relax and Unwind

I am just too tired the past few days. Haven't rested well enough. But it's all worth it. :) I might blog about it in a while. All I wanted now is TO RELAX, UNWIND and hit the beach (again?) hehehe.. :)

Confused with PPP

My PPP post was approved and I've never erased it in my blog. I just can't figure out why I didn't get what I deserve. It's been 30 days now. Just confused though.

18 April 2008

Sleepy Friday

It's Friday and am sleepy. The rest of the world is perhaps happy and say "Thank God, It's Friday' but here I am needing some sleep. Slept very late or should I say slept at an early dawn this morning at 2AM. *sigh* Better have some catching up to do. I will try to sleep this afternoon and I hope I'd be feeling better.

17 April 2008

Confusion Over Templates

This is my 100th post!:) Yehey!:) However, got so confused with which template to use. I've been browsing on numerous templates and this has taken me much time to decide of what template to choose. Urgh! It's giving me pressure, really it did. I like some templates but some aren't user-friendly and it's giving me a hard time on my widgets. There are also some widgets/options that doesn't show up no matter how many times I edit them. Hope I can come up with a suitable template.

12 April 2008

Wanna Exchange Links?

My linker has been down for a few days now. I don't know if it will still be up soon. I gave much effort to link up some friends in this blogosphere (did i say it right? lol!) but now I can't seem to benefit from it. I just signed up with Blogrolling.com and am still on the process of finding friends who were once included in my Bloggers Hall of Fame. Should you be interested, feel free to drop a comment here or just send me a message in my Chatbox. Please bear with me. Promise, I'd be working on it the soonest way I can.

Note: To those who were already added in my previous link line-up, please inform me and do send me your URLs again. So sorry this has happened.

I am Happy despite being tired :)

I feel so tired and exhausted! Supposedly, I'd be out with friends but I prefer to just rest. Besides, it's worth staying to be able to save money. Well, am just feeling tired. Graveyard shifts could really drive me restless. I was able to sleep though for like a few hours. On the lighter side, I am happy now cos I've been informed bout the latest updates concerning my anticipated career in the land of milk and honey. Hope and pray that this will gonna be IT, that everything will be in its place until the realization of that dream. I'm sure that what has been happening now are all part of God's plan for me. Now I realized I don't need to hurry things up. I don't need to ask God to make things happen so quick. Everything that has been happening to me are perfectly part of HIS plan and those did happen in God's time. All of these has made me hold my grip tighter to HIM and I know with HIM, everything is way possible. :)

11 April 2008

Thank God I Survived!

Thank God I Survived! Can't thank God enough for answering my prayer. I survived working last night without an attendant at sight and to think that we got 43 patients confined in our ward where a few got high fever episodes. I am thankful to Lucille, our trainee who unselfishly helped me out. We may be tired but we're more than thankful that we made it through the night. At least we made our tasks done before we ended our shift. So tired, really! Gotta sleep more now.

Credit Card Experts

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10 April 2008

It was so hot and sunny when I got out of the house this morning (urgh!). I went to PRC for my license renewal and too bad, had to bear falling into long lines before getting served. I finally finished my transaction with the said office past 2pm. Hurriedly went to the supermarket and bought my Mom's orders. Got home here almost 4pm and I felt so sleepy. Took a nap but can't beat the heat. Now am blogging, but still needing a little sleep. Haay.. Whatta day!

Online Business

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09 April 2008

A Busy Yet a Fulfilled Day

I got a very long day yesterday leaving me too drowsy that I forgot to turn the TV off prior to sleeping (well, it went on until 5am this morning). I was just tired yesterday. I was doing some groceries in the supermarket the whole of AM and I was also running some errands which involved moments of waiting. I only got a 30-minute rest then headed for work before 3pm. I was more than busy at work. My feet, hands, mouth, and my mind were too busy engaged at work for the whole 8-hours. I even extended for up to almost 2 hours just to finish everything. Thank God, I survived the day. It really pays enough to be patient no matter how "kulit" the people would get and to take each task at work one at a time to get rid of confusions. At least I got a good feeling when I retired to sleep last night.

I want a Real, Fresh Air

I wanna breathe a clean air. This is the very main reason why I shy away from pollution. I don't stay longer when there are cars around and most often, I stay away from people who are into cigarette smoking. Too bad, my brother smokes too often and my dad is also into it but is now trying to get away from it. Just can't understand why people loves to smoke. What really can nicotine do to the body? I just pity myself at times cos am a passive smoker now. I got to inhale those myself and there's no way I could get rid of it, only if the people here in the house would STOP and QUIT smoking. My electrocardiogram tracing last quarter of last year revealed an impression of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy but is needing other diagnostics for correlation. Now I wanted to submit myself for 2D-Echo which is yet unrealizable. Bro, p-le-a-s-e? Can you stop smoking? It's never too late to quit.

08 April 2008

Nothing Much To Tell

I don't know what to write NOW. Either my mind has gone blank or perhaps I am much preoccupied with a lot of thoughts in it. I am just passing my time now and in a little while I'd be hitting the bathroom. Be going to the mall this early morning and go to a photo studio for that much needed pic for my PRC License Renewal. Hopefully I could return back home earlier so there could be enough time to rest before reporting for work this PM. Hope this day treats me good. :)

06 April 2008

Today's Random Events

--> I did not eat lunch. Was too preoccupied with the things I need to accomplish at work. Guess my stomach was quite disappointed with me. It might have thought that I was welcoming dyspepsia again. No way! It's better late than never. Thank God, I got my share of a slice of sandwich, a chocolate muffin and an orange juice for free!:)

--> Despite the stressing demands of the tasks I need to accomplish, I managed to get through with them. I finished a bit late though but am more than happy that I did my tasks all done. Patience did play a great part in here.

--> I ate Hot Shots @ KFC after work. I deserved such treat!:)

--> Somebody must have been pissed off with me upon my ride home. It was unintentionally done. Whoever you are, my apologies. "Wag ka lang kasi sana magtataray!" :)

--> I was expecting an email. Too glad to know I got an email from the person concerned. ;)

--> After two days, I'm done reading Brian Gorrell's Blog.

--> Currently, am listening to Winamp Radio while making this post.

-->Now, am done. Till my next post :) Be sleeping in a while. Work will be at 10AM tomorrow.

My Ocean's Eleven

I was being tagged by Shimumsy. Did have fun with this.. :)


Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head.
Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people.
This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first..
No cheating.

1. Papa Nes

2. Mama Babie

3. Amor

4. Jem

5. Jepsy

6. Ella

7. Leslie

8. Marc Nelson

9. Oscar

10. Ken

11. Malena

Now, it's time to answer the following questions:

--> "met him the day I was born cos he's my brother. :)

--> I don't know. As far as I know, I won't be losing her. If she's gonna be lost physically, I knew in my heart that she's still among the great friends I treasured. :)

--> I think they're gonna jive with each other. They both love to sing. Can't forget how my Mom (#2) appreciated Ella (#6) for her good singing voice.

--> I'd be more than happy enough to know cos she happens to be my darling little niece. :)

--> Really got no idea. I still have to ask him who's his real bestfriend. :)

--> at times when he's here with my Mom. By the way, #1 is my beloved Dad. :)

--> of course cos she's my Mom. :) I'd love having her around most of the time but unfortunately, they loved staying in our hometown.

-->Her boyfriend, Lawrence.

--> she's the only sister I got. We do fight though but those were just petty fights. My sister rocks!:)

--> He's one person I'd like to know more despite the distance we have right now. :)

--> Would be very surprised then if I'd learn that my brother (#4) is dating Leslie (#7) who is a very dear friend of mine. They do jive though they rarely meet.

--> Mom likes US, her precious children. :)

--> whoa! It would then be a dream come true for me cos Marc Nelson has been my celebrity crush since he entered showbiz, hahaha!

--> Hmm, I like him.

--> Yes, most of them cos they're my "kapamilya" and friends. :)

I am passing this tag to Babette, Outback-Pinay, Liza, and to all fellow bloggers found in my link :)

04 April 2008

Too Busy Reading The Talk-of-the-Town Blog

I have been up since this afternoon. I slept from 9AM to 1PM only. Supposedly, I'd continue sleeping but I got caught up with a fellow blogger's post (can't remember who's the owner of the blog but thanks to him/her anyway) with a link directing me to the blogsite of an Australian National, who devotedly made up a blog expressing his attempts to recover his life's savings from a Pinoy Ex-Lover. I recalled this issue being aired on TV and that's how I got glued to it. Can' t wait to read all of his posts.

03 April 2008

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Just Blogging

Today is Thursday, April 3, 2008. I came home 6 hours ago from my graveyard shift. I was able to sleep for about 3 hours. It was really a much-needed sleep cos I could feel the exhaustion in me. I was awakened during lunch time and that's how I got up and never went back to sleep again. Now, am reading some blogs and trying to find out how some make it in Google's PR. I exactly don't have an idea how they got ranked. Well, whatever will be, will be. :) I would be grateful enough if I'd be reaching a PR of 1 (lol!) and PR 3 would be more than just enough. :) Hmm, I realized I haven't placed much pics in my blog. I seldom do that cos I ain't got no idea how. I am not really a "techy" or a wizard in terms of bluetooth and etc. I just explore when needed. I just thought I might place even those not-so amazing pics. It's just a trial and error for me should they work out or not in this page (lol!). Here are the pics I've taken just recently that features our simple neighborhood inside our subdivision, and also a pic of our "Askal" (Asong Kalye) who's trying to play with me while I took the pic.

This is a pic taken this gloomy afternoon outside of our house. Good thing, trash aren't found in here (lol!).

This is a pic of our pet "Askal" that serves as our security guard cos it stays at the gate most of the time. I was told this dog is pregnant but it's not quite obvious in this shot.

These are just two of the pics I took this afternoon. Well, this is what boredom could do. Be sleeping in a little while cos I'd be on a graveyard shift again tonight. Thanks for reading. :)

02 April 2008

It's a gloomy day today. That also explains my mood now. Haven't gotten enough sleep cos I went home 2am this morning from a coffee session with friends. Got no work now but later I'd be. I'm just spending much time browsing on some blogs online and guess what? my eyes are kinda strained now. Be logging off in a while. I'd take a good rest in preparation for my graveyard shift again tonight. Have a good day everyone!

Credit Card Buzz

Like me, everybody else would like to own a credit card. It’s the comfort and accessibility that one gets to have when trying to beat the demands of this fast-paced world. Good thing, I got one. Thanks to my sister who did convince me to have one. I only got one though but soon enough I’d be having like a few of them. Guess everybody like me also got a lot of questions in mind as to how and where to apply for credit cards that yield benefits to credit card holders. This concern gave birth to numerous business enthusiasts that would certainly address to the needs of their clients. Some even put up websites which have become the most accessible venue for consultations. In this way, clients and marketers get to discuss each of their concerns. Applying online for credit cards or simply just leaving a question on the site has never been this hard and is by far the most convenient and accessible to date. What are you waiting for? Ask your credit card question and get to experience a more convenient way of living life.

01 April 2008

On Becoming an X-ray Technician

Apart from doctors, nurses, and medical technologists, radiologic technicians or x-ray technicians also form part in the medical team. It is their job to conduct imaging procedures and get hold of these state-of-the art technologies such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs which are deem helpful for the purpose of diagnosing a client’s physical health condition. If you have what it takes to become an x-ray technician, then be on the look-out to enroll, earn a satisfying career, and see how one reaps its benefits.

A Culinary School for Cooking Enthusiasts

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