31 March 2008

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29 March 2008

Random Thoughts: 3/29

-> I am happy for my soul sister, Beth (yehey!). At long last, he got someone who treats him in a very special way (woohoo!). I am just wondering what keeps her from saying YES instantly to him. Sagutin na kasi, hehehe ;)

-> I'd supposedly like to send Lessie a message telling here if we could meet dahil ilang beses na naudlot ang supposedly pagkikita namin. Haven't claimed my "pasalubong" yet at isang buwan na ata sya nakarating since she arrived from the US. :) Well I wish she still has one for me. Ah! Kahit na wala as long as we can chat like those good old days. :)

-> I am happy that I am very much welcome into this blogging world. Thanks bloggers for visiting my site and of course for leaving your messages in my chatbox.

-> Quite feel sad why I got just a few opps from paid-to-blog sites :(

-> I ate green mangoes when I arrived home today. First, those were dipped in salt mixed with powdered "sili" but unfortunately, the taste was sort of biting me too hard! I switched into dipping those mangoes with soy sauce mixed with brown sugar. Yummy!:) Just hope my stomach won't be complaining a little while later.

-> I drank 3 glasses of water every 5 minutes times 3 doses. Imagine! Plenty of water in my stomach. It's good that I got to pee and urinate them all after an hour.

-> Hmm, I am feeling comfortable (again!) with a total stranger. I am not sharing some personal infos yet but we've viewed each other's pic already. Hope we don't end up arguing and losing each other.

-> More on a serious matter, I'm praying hard for my friends Love2x and Ti-anne -they will be taking the NCLEX this summer. My prayers are with you guys!

A Rainy Saturday

I started my day right. Though it was raining hard since last night, I still managed to wake up early and prepare myself to work. It was freezing cold though but still dared to take an early morning bath. Ate my breakfast right after taking a bath, fixed myself then hit the road on my way to work. Of course I wasn't late. Thanks for the cab which was made available for me when I got into our main street. Luckily, I was 15 minutes early for work. Well, work went on smoothly except that there's this one watcher who seemed to bugged me repeatedly. Thank God for shedding me more patience that I didn't get to include myself in her conversation with another fellow watcher which tackled bout comparing the services offered between government and private hospitals (by the way, I am working in a government tertiary hospital). Some comments did stab me deep inside but am still holding unto it and kept silent instead. I ended up my work smoothly and hurried home right way since heavy rains are still occurring. When I got home, we ate loads of green mangoes. Yummy!:) I was really craving for them that's why it really felt good after eating them. Now? am chatting with my cousin online, who's on the process of installing softwares in his PC. I am also chatting at the same time with a guy whom I just knew last, last week and I hope friendship will bloom between us.

28 March 2008

My Niece, My Buddy, My Precious One :)

Ops! I forgot to say something bout my niece. My niece, Jepsy is the only niece I got in this world by blood since she's my brother's daughter. She instantly became my favorite the moment she was delivered. How I loved this kid until now! Can't really forget the time when I became her nanny. Wouldn't mind wiping her legs and butt even when there's poopoo all over. Can't also forget the moment when I used to send her to and from school and also those moments when I made her props for their play plus becoming her make-up artist back when she took part in school activities. Tiring but it seemed to pave away cos of the care and I love I have for her. Well, she loves me too!:) And that's the most important thing in it. We're like buddies whenever we go to malls, eat out, and even to the movies. Recently, she's very proud of her achievements. She placed 2nd in their class and even bagged some awards during their Recognition Day. Whew, I'm so-so proud of her really!:) I just hope and pray that she'd be giving much more attention in her studies, making us even prouder of her and eventually wishing that she'd reach her dreams in life. I will always be around for her no matter what. I just loved this kid so much!:)

(Note: Supposedly, I'd be posting a pic but too bad, my pc device here isn't accessible..Grrr! I'd try my luck next time.)

Mom's Birthday

Last March 26, Mom celebrated her 62nd Birthday with us here in Davao City. She, together with Dad, arrived on the 25th prior to her big day. Her birthday was celebrated in a practical way cos she didn't want to make her celebration costly. She only wished to have it celebrated with us, her kids and Dad, plus with our favorite kid who happens to be my niece. Since I went home midnight of March 26, I first greeted her with a kiss with matching "kwento2x" as to how my work went that night. I didn't want to make her wide awake on the dawn of her day that's why I slipped myself inside the room and fell asleep. It was already time for breakfast when I woke up. It's good to be eating breakfast with the whole family around. I spent the day at home and even had our "singing sessions" again at Singsnap, a popular website for those who loves singing. A few hours before dinner, Mom did the cooking. She cooked Filipino dishes for us. Those did satisfy my stomach. Well, it felt really good to have spent time with my family.

My Birthday Wish for MOM?
I wish and hope that she'd stay happy and healthy always!:)


-> It was raining hard on the evening of March 26. Supposedly, I'd like to have a few hours of rest before my 11pm shift duty but sadly, I need to report early so I could get a ride for work. I ended up wearing casual jeans and shirt upon reporting for work but got to change them the moment I arrived.

-> The former househelper finally got evicted! I pity her but it's better that way cos she didn't remain truthful to her tasks. Now she's got to say "bye-bye" to her skip-class escapades. She has been replaced now and I think her replacement is far more better than her. Well, I'd say that the evicted one was the worst of them all.

-> It's raining for two days now to where I am situated. It's not really a heavy one but it's pouring continuously and it surely can make everyone wet. The rains have made me liked the idea of just staying home and curled myself under my blankets while watching TV.

26 March 2008

My Long Lost Friend is Back! :)

I hurriedly went to the work station yesterday with Rafael, a co-worker who's assigned in a nearby ward, when I bumped into a familiar face in her preggy figure with her mother. I got surprised! I couldn't believed that I saw her for the first time in more than 5 years of not seeing each other. I immediately headed to where she was and even forget that Rafael was with me. I gladly hugged and made "beso2x" with her. We both knew how much we missed each other cos she's been my childhood friend since our Kindergarten years. We could have talked longer if time permitted us to but since I got to work and her, having to facilitate everything for her Caesarian Section delivery on that same night, we parted ways. BUT we promise that we'll gonna see each other pretty soon. Such a wonderful feeling to have seen a friend whom I've rarely seen but frequently missed. She's still the same and hasn't changed except that she got a bulging tummy cos she's pregnant. Hmm, can't wait to spend chit-chats with her pretty soon. :)

Approval of My First Ever Post @ PPP

I got my blog approved by PayPerPost just last week and excitedly gave in to writing an opportunity for them. I submitted my post last week, March 21, 2008. I really got no idea as to how long should I wait for its approval. When I opened my email account this morning of March 26, I got this message from PPP telling me that it was already been approved! I could not believe it that they're reviewing posts this quick and gained its approval! It takes no more than 5 days to have my post approved. Now am becoming more excited to grab opportunities which are made available for me. :)

24 March 2008

Credit Cards, Anyone?

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Not-So-Busy But A Tiring Day

Right after my Holy Week breaks, I resumed for work yesterday, Easter Sunday. Yeah, you've read it right, I was at work yesterday on an Easter Sunday and take note, I was working for 16 hours straight. I just gave in to a friend's request that's why I got to work for lengthy hours. Wasn't bad enough cos I still got to relax myself at work. I mean, it wasn't a busy day and I got my tasks accomplished earlier than expected. What made me too tired was waiting for the time till I completely finish those required hours considering the fact that I have spent most of my time in there. I felt like I have gotten those hospital smells in my system. Upon logging off from work, it was like a sigh of relief knowing that I've made work possible for 16 hours, hehehe. :)

22 March 2008

The past few days didn't really give me much stress. Those days were like stress-free days cos I devoted time just staying home and doing stuffs that I have missed doing. Imagine, I have watched TV for my entire stay @ home! I have watched a lot of movies from movie channels on cable. Well, I just missed those things since I no longer got flexible schedules at work. At least I still got off days whom I'd rather spend sleeping and resting instead of going out. Wow, it just feels good to be home and I am currently enjoying the comfort that it brings. :)

21 March 2008

I signed up for PPP!

Since my blog came into existence sometime in January 2008, I became so eager of joining PayPerPost, a famous paid to blog site. Because of my excitement to become a part of it, I signed up right away but was rejected because my blog hasn’t reached the 3-month old minimum requirement. I wasn’t disappointed though because I knew I’d be signing up again once I qualify. And it really did! After how many weeks of waiting, finally I got my blog approved! Thanks PayPerPost for the approval! So what’s really the fuzz why I wanna be a part of PayPerPost? According to a very influential friend of mine Janus, who’s also into earning money online, this site awesomely gives the best rewards should one become an approved blogger. A blogger here, who’s also termed as a postie, is offered varied opportunities to choose from. Should they get qualified, posties can write what they want to write in relation to the chosen opportunity from an advertiser or simply write blog reviews. Once submitted posts and reviews have been approved, bloggers can get paid through PayPal. This is totally awesome, right? Hmmm, I can’t wait to respond to opportunities meant for me and earn money just by blogging. Now am thinking how I’m gonna spend my money should I be getting any pay from PPP.

20 March 2008

Today is Holy Thursday and it surely is the start of the 4 days off from work to those who are working in public and private offices. Some malls might be closed on these holidays too. For sure, some Filipinos have devoted time participating in church activities while some might spend time with family in out-of-town trips. Now am thinking bout Boracay. Surely the place is now overly crowded with people trying to make the most of their break. Me? Be working tonight for my graveyard shift (again!). Well, it's what I ought to do since I've been engaged into this kind of profession. Have a happy break everyone (and that still includes me, lol!)! :)

16 March 2008

A Happy Palm Sunday For Me

Today is Palm Sunday. As of this writing, I got today's tasks accomplished even if my morning didn't start out just right. Though I woke up quite early @ 5:30AM cos I retired to sleep early last night, there were still unexpected things that must have ruined my mood should I become too impatient. For one, I didn't get an early ride for work even if I left the house 40 minutes prior to my work time. Second, I was caught in a traffic of people who just went out of mass in a nearby church. Third, I had hard time looking for my DTR card that's why I punched a minute before 7:00AM ('almost got late). Thank God! 'Got loads of patience today which I certainly thought was the reason why it wasn't a bad day for me. Despite everything, I still smiled, sang, and cheered up everybody @ work. I even thought I was becoming too noisy or too loud (lol). AM glad I got a smooth-sailing duty. After work, I opted to hear mass. 'Heard mass @ Redemptorist Church and got those palm creations/stuffs blessed. By the way, today is also the highlight of the 71st Araw ng Dabaw week-long celebration. Haven't witnessed any memorable events this year cos I got to work on these days and besides, I am certain that a lot failed to watch the TV coverage of the parade done in the city cos everyone else was hooked to Manny Pacquiao's fight at Las Vegas. Well, whatever it is that made my day, I am pretty sure a lot has also been sharing the same happiness I am feeling today. :)

14 March 2008

Is 'Pinas becoming A Better World for Filipinos?

I was listening to my Imeem Playlists when I came across this Smokey Mountain Hit in the 90's entitled, Better World. The song itself reflects my inner thoughts and feelings bout what's happening to our country right now and I guess some Filipinos also feel the same way too. Be sharing this song and its lyrics and hope this will bring an inspiration to all of us, the most to our government leaders who's governing the country right now. I am hoping, wishing and praying that all issues be resolved.

I dream that one day
Our voices will somehow fill the earth
With joy forever
I dream that someday
Our wishes will somehow soon come true
And last forever

I dream that one day our songs in some way
Will bring a bright tomorrow
Full of love full of hope full of joy

I see this one day
When all the world will hear us
That someday when all will stand before us
Singing one song together
Everywhere singing
We are gonna love you people of the world
We are gonna make you a better world
We will all respect you people of the world
We are gonna make you a better world

I dream that one day
Our voices will somehow fill the earth
With joy forever
I dream that someday
Our wishes will somehow soon come true
And last forever

I dream that one day our songs in some way
Will bring a bright tomorrow
Full of love full of hope full of joy

I see this one day
When all the world will hear us
That someday when all will stand before us
Singing one song together
Everywhere singing
We are gonna love you people of the world
We are gonna make you a better world
We will all respect you people of the world
We are gonna make you a better world
We are gonna love you people of the world
We are gonna make you a better world
We will all respect you people of the world
We are gonna make you a better world
We are gonna love you people of the world
We are gonna make you a better world
We will all respect you people of the world
We are gonna make you a better world
A better world

So guys, what's do you think bout it? Is it becoming a better world OR you're also like me, still wishing and hoping that it's gonna be a Better World pretty soon?

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Have You Been Lonely?

Sometimes, loneliness is inevitable. At the end of every laugh, cheers, and smiles, you find yourself in your room staring blankly in one corner with overloading thoughts inside your head. Despite all the happiness that embraces life, there’s still that single piece of loneliness trying to linger in one corner of your mind. Just as you retire on bed to sleep, you finally find yourself immersed on that lonely thought until tears slowly come out from your eyes. You tend to reflect why this has happened, you tend to squeeze every reason to it but because of a tiring feeling, you never found the answers and right there you drift into a deep sleep. The moment you wake up, the lonely feeling has been overshadowed with thoughts on how you gonna make your day right. Mind has become filled with thoughts of how you gonna go about with the day without ever looking back on the lonely thought that engulfs yourself that night. Until one of those nights, you again found yourself sharing the same stupid feeling that previously happened. Ah, loneliness. It’s hitting you again. But swear, it makes one fully human. Who else doesn’t have its own share of it?

12 March 2008

It's My Restday Again

Just finished my graveyard shifts for the week. Sounds great, right? Yes! Really am happy cos now am having my off days, meaning I won't be reporting for work for 3 days. Yehey!:) My off days really mean a lot to me cos it gives me time to recharge myself after a tiring week @ work. So what am gonna do? Guess I'd be staying home most of the time. I'd like to rekindle those moments of just being home watching TV, surfing the net or singing my heart out in videokes even when am alone,lol. I'd be spending also sometime in sleeping. How I missed sleeping for hours!:) I love giving time for myself. If I feel like going out, I have friends with me to keep me company too!:) Ops, I forgot. Be running errands for Mom but it won't be taking much of my time. Well, am just blurting these things out cos am just happy that I've been given this chance to have this much awaited rest and relaxation which I deemed wanted for so long. :) Pasensya na, am just happy!:)

The Week That Was

These are the things that happened the fast few days in random order:

** Beth, a friend of mine from Dagupan made it in the NCBON-NCLEX!:) Yehey!:) Am so happy for my sis (been calling her sis) cos at long last all her efforts were greatly rewarded. Can't wait to see you and the group doing some bonding sessions.

** I did something horrible. That's it.

** I was out one night with Lalai and bf Jason, and Roy, another close friend of ours. We just had some coffee after a very tiring work.

** I suffered from an irritating diarrhea for two days with 2-3 episodes per day. Thanks to Imodium for the relieft but now am afraid of getting constipated. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

** I accomplished tasks like paying credit card bills and bought grocery stuffs for this week's consumption.

** I got intermittent chestpains (again!). Had my ECG done but still need to have it read by the doctor.

** I was able to spend some time sleeping for many hours. :)

** and my latest craving? Rest and Relaxation.

Admission to An Honest Mistake

I always keep on hearing that line saying that Nobody Else Is Perfect In This World. Indeed, we're born imperfects and the world itself is not perfect in its truest sense. However, sane and rational people makes living worth the while. Despite of worldly and human imperfections, at least they live life closest to one. Somehow, mistakes are just inevitable and they're just around the corner.Once you get into it, you're held responsible over it. And I was never an exemption. Last week, I made a horrible mistake. It was hard for me at first to accept that I caused such fault cos I carefully examined everything before doing the act, but again as what I've said, I was trapped. Later did I realize that I overly analyzed everything. But swear, it was an honest mistake. After admitting to it, I just prayed fervently that it's not gonna cos chaos or ruin my life. Thank God I was saved and it's gonna be a LEARNING experience that I'd keep for the rest of my LIFE.

11 March 2008

How's My Template?

Summer is fast approaching and look what I've got for my template?:) I hope you guys like it. I really had a hard time deciding on what template to be used. Spent time surfing and thinking bout it. And the most difficult part? Restoring my widgets and links. At least, I have seen some changes which I hope is appealing to you guys. Now tell me what you think about it. :) Be happy to be receiving comments and suggestions from you.

A tag for you guys

Got this tag from a friend @ MyLot. Hope you get to answer this too!:)

1. Today is:
* Tuesday

2. I should be:
* sleeping cos I still have my graveyard shift tonight @ work

3. The last text message I received was from:
* Beth but wasn't able to text back cos my cp batt rans out

4. And it said:
* that this guy's asking her exact home address.. :)

5. I am currently pissed off because:
* I am sleepless and yet I can't manage to sleep under this broad daylight

6. My cellphone rings and the song that's playing is:
* a ringing tone from a "Kill Bill" movie

7. I would love to see:
* my friends up north.. you know who you are guys..

8. If I could change my last name, it would be:
* Gates or Clinton, lol

9. After work, I love to:
* unwind with friends just passing the time away

10 My favorite color is:
* blue

11. I liked yesterday because:
* got accomplished tasks though it was quite tiring

12. But I still sort of didn't because:
* there's little time left to rest before my graveyard shift duty

13. My favorite song right now would have to be:
* none in particular.

14. I sometimes forget to:
* pee in 8 hours, lol

15. I currently have a crush on:
* Marc Nelson (he's sooo yummy!:)

16. My favorite number/s would have to be:
* 7

17. When I'm in a bad mood, it's better to just:
* leave me as that. don't mind asking me why

18. I really can't stand:
* Lies

19. I'd break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend right away if:
* I know he's just fooling around

20. If I were to get stuck in an elevator with someone, it would have to be:
* Marc Nelson

21. I'd really like to improve my grades on:
* n/a. am done with schooling already

22. The last thing that wasn't food that I bought with my own money is:
* my pair of shoes

23. The name of the street where I live is:
* Walingwaling street

24. I have never ridden:
* a helicopter

25. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is:
* treat myself and my loved-ones

26. One bad habit of mine is:
* scratching my scalp even in public, lol

27. I go out to:
* make myself relax and get some loads of fun

28. I am very attached to:
* my job

29. One friend who is not from my college is:
* too many to mention

30. I am currently stressed because:
* I got intermittent chest pains

Okay, it's your turn to share!:) AM tagging my friends from my Hall of Fame List :)

07 March 2008

On Changing Templates

I am just new in this blogging venture that's why I opted to choose the templates found @ Blogspot. However, I find some pages with wonderful templates and that's how I became interested in changing mine. Hmm, sounds like a tedious work to do. I tried experimenting on some and even downloaded a few interesting templates but they're not working on my site. Perhaps I just need to explore more or seek help from someone who knows how to make it work. Poor me. Can't make it on my own. Gotta be trying more. Hope am not just gonna ruin my site. Can anybody help? :)

06 March 2008


I haven't been myself lately. Physically, am doing good despite the fact that I must have harbored an anticipated infection from somebody else here in the house cos of the nonproductive cough I got and the feeling that my voice is about to get hoarse. But emotionally? I can't exactly pinpoint where I am at right now. I am so preoccupied with work that I hardly thought bout myself and now here comes an existing issue that's been haunting me and my loved-ones. I don't know where I stand. I don't know which sides speak of the truth. All I want is peace. All I want is a peaceful living. Half of me is feeling guilty now cos it seems like I've been blind and mute about the issue. But what more can I do?All I can think of right now is to just allow things to happen the way they should happen.

05 March 2008

My Awards :)

I am posting the awards I got from Liza's Mommy's Little Corner. It's really an honor having them. :)

Wanna Learn About Fashion?

Who else doesn’t love fashion? Are you one of those fellows who restlessly devoted time in choosing the best fashion trends in the market? Guess everyone else is in love with fashion no matter what age, religion or race you belong. But who’s really the culprit why everyone seems to go gaga over it? We may not notice it but they’re those degree holders majoring in fashion designing and merchandising who always come up with pretty good ideas that brings color to the world of fashion. Now my question is, do you want to be like them? Or does it come to a point where you ask how come these people generate brilliant ideas that simply contributed much to our fashion industry? That’s how fashion schools came into existence which is very most popular in New York, where the heart of fashion styles and trends generally begin. These accredited fashion schools offer courses in fashion designing and merchandising along with varied fashion programs of your choice. Get to experience how just a wonderful fashion idea comes into a realization. These schools sharpen your fashion skills more and help you excel in your craft. If you love fashion that much, why not try New York Fashion Schools and make a difference? Who knows your work of art may be the birth of the next top fashion trend in the world.

02 March 2008

Internet: Is it A Boon Or Bane?What do you think?

(This post is my actual writing composition during our dry-run practice exam for an International English Test which took place in 2006)

The world we live in has evolved from a glorious past to the modern-day era. Changes are taking place from the way people think and behave and the evolution of technology is never an exception. Thus, the emergence of computers and the Internet, which is undeniably becoming a great part in man's existence today.

Technology is very much beneficial to man. In this fast-paced world, the usage of technology can make peoples' lives always on the go. Communication for instance can be very accessible in the form of electronic mails and internet chats. With these types of technology, one can get access right away to any significant other around the world if both are hooked to the Internet. Apart from the accessibility in communication, web surfing on interesting and informative concepts is also very appealing. One should never bother spending lengthy hours inside the library to get a grasp of a particular concept. Instead, people who seek for information could easily slip in to Internet cafes or grab a chair at home and conveniently sit in front of an internet-hooked computer and do online surfing and researching.

However, there are some people who do not keep themselves abreast with the evolution of technology. To them, getting hooked to this kind of stuff can lessen interactions with humans and can lead to social isolation. Personal relationships can also be altered because of the absence of human interactions. Some may find it boring especially if one is pouring much concentration on surfing or chatting. Worst thing is, it could give them health risks due to body immobility. To these people, technology do not seem to give them happiness.

Personally, getting connected to the latest technology has helped me in my everyday life. It gives me updates about the world and it also allows me to keep in touch with friends near and far. However, happiness is just a state of mind. Keeping abreast with technology makes me happy and at the same time the presence of people around me also constitutes to my happiness. If I am surfing the net and a closest kin tends to get my attention, I wouldn't mind turning off the computer. It's just a matter of how one defines happiness.

01 March 2008

One of Davao's Best :)

This is a view of the fountain found @ Davao's People's Park. I took this shot by myself. Too bad, the swans weren't that visible but the view itself is really amazing. :)

Tag From Babette

4 Jobs I've Had (in order)-
- a trying hard telemarketer :)
- HR professional for NCCC
- a part-time babysitter to my then young niece
- now, a hospital slave in a government tertiary hospital

4 Movies Watched Over and Over -
- The Count of Monte Cristo
- The Beautiful Mind
- Enchanted
- Pangako, Ikaw Lang (Aga and Regine movie)

4 Places I Would Rather Be -
- Baguio City
- Boracay
- Hongkong
- North Carolina ;)

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year -
- my 30th birthday (am getting older na..lol)
- Ateneo de Davao Batch Reunion come December '08 (tentative yet but am hoping it will be realized)
- the realization of my heart's desires (gotta zip my mouth on this, lol)
- a trip that my friends and I tentatively planned..lol :)