31 January 2008

Still Feelin' Tired (LOL)

It's my 3rd off day now and tomorrow, I'd be back to work again. Hmm, I am still feeling tired and sleepy right now. Haven't devoted my 3 off days just relaxing and sleeping. Hey world, can I still have more off days please? :)

29 January 2008

A Little Boy's Story ( A Repost)

(NOTE: This is a repost of the one I made last year at a Friendster Blogsite. Just wanna share it with you).

It was in August 2007 when I get to know him. He's someone unforgettable because of the cute little smile carved in his face. Everytime I come near him, he would get to show off that smile and that "congo" look in his face. I also found him a jolly kid that it's not really difficult to deal with him. It was for these reasons that he became among my favorites.

However, it's not really his destiny to live longer coz he's suffering from a terminal illness common in children. I saw him fought for life. He still managed to show off a little smile though but during the time that he got so ill, the smile was replaced by a marked pain in his face. I saw him deteriorating day by day with persistent fever til blood trickled from his gums and nose until finally when he engaged into frequent swallowing which warranted that active bleeding was taking place. Can't afford to check on him on that stage. The next day I was no longer surprised when he was brought to the Pediatrics ICU for close monitoring. I didn't even bother to check on him there coz I wasnt used to seeing him in that stage. After a few days of getting confined in that specialized unit, I was surprised with the news that he died. "kakatindig balahibo!" There was an instant pain that I felt inside but I couldn't cry coz I was holding back my tears. When I got to see his parents who were then crying, can't help but cry too. I expressed my condolences and extended my comfort to the bereaved couple for losing their lovechild. Deep in me, I was praying for the repose of his soul. Partly, we all were happy for his death. At least he wont be suffering much longer from his terminal ailment.

To Poohding, you will always be remembered coz you have marked memories in our hearts.

16 hours straight duty?Not that bad though..

When I finally got the job that I want, that of working in a tertiary hospital, I didn't give a full grasp of what was stated in the contract. All I was feeling then was happiness that after months of waiting, I would be beginning my journey to serve and become a part of the workforce in one of the most famous health care facilities in the country. When I got home, I read the signed contract over and over again and my eyes were caught to that item stating of an employee's willingness to go on a 16-hour duty shift should there be an unavoidable circumstance that requires one to do so. I just let that thought slipped away though half of me had thoughts whether I can survive should I be required to go on a 16-hour duty. Well, I was being put to test yesterday. I agreed to go on a 16-hour duty to accommodate a friend's favor. It wasn't bad though but really it gives me a feeling of much exhaustion. I'm just glad that I got a smooth-sailing duty. The people I got to deal with seems to be cooperative though there's one who tends to pissed me off. And my most precious reward after this duty?I'd be having a 3 days off from work. At least I can give time for myself and perhaps get a good rest too! :)

28 January 2008

What It Takes To Care For The Sick

To some, becoming a giver of care to patients in the hospital offers a very promising career and could give one a luxurious life. But hey, they just don't know what it takes to become like us, to become a caregiver of those fighting for their lives. I mean, it is no joke to be dealing with lives and it really is a serious matter once you get to deal with these ill patients. I could personally say that this profession I am in is among the most noble professions on earth and one of the most tiring to engage into. We do not have fixed duty schedules just like the 8am-5pm working hours of those working in the offices. Continuity of care is very important to patients that's why we just don't mind working on graveyard shifts and it's all part of our profession. I could just imagine when the rest of the world prepares to sleep at 11pm and yet it's gonna be my first hour of my 11pm-7am shift. Apart from that, we do not only care for the sick themselves. We also take into consideration their significant others who are with them during the time of their confinement. I am pretty sure one can relate as to how a significant other feels when people closest to them gets sick. As front liners to patients, we try to answer every queries they have including all their demands, their wanting to see their doctors and the most inevitable nags, scolds, and yells when their needs are unmet right away. See how much patience we have invest and put them all together as our shield? Thank God really for that lengthened patience bestowed upon us. As the middle man between patients and doctors, we also got to face doctors. Good thing we have nice and accomodating doctors though there are some who can be as mad as a tiger especially when their patients happened to be in critical situations. Hmm, that's when patience strikes again. And ops! I forgot, co-workers can sometimes drive you mad too and yes, patience is still the key to prevent trouble and still ensure a harmonious working relationship. On the brighter side, all hardships and tiring moments do vanish when you know that patients have recovered from their illnesses, when they got discharged in fair condition and the most soothing feeling is when they sincerely say "Thank You" for all the care that you gave them. Personally, it takes one sincere "Thank You" to be able to cast away all the exhaustions and worries that we are facing at work.

27 January 2008

Just A Thought . . .

While preparing for work yesterday, my eyes were glued on watching Willy Revillame's 47th birthday celebration on a certain ABS-CBN noon time show. What brought me teary-eyed were the birthday greetings of these non-famous people via VTR whose lives were being touched by the birthday celebrant himself. Despite the things said against this noon time show host, he also has this brighter side in him. He has extended a whole lot of help to people from all walks of life especially the needy. In fact, he even made friends with these people whom talents where discovered because of his show. There's "Uling", there's "Pooh". He even became an instant "ninong" to a housemaid who once became a contestant in his show. Those were only a few of the heart-warming stories I knew. See how he has touched some lives? I am not getting paid on what am blogging here but I am just stressing on how a simple man like him could have been such a big help to fellow Filipinos. How about you? What about us? Have we done our share to make this world a better place to live in? It actually crossed my mind just now and NOW am giving much thought on this matter.

21 January 2008

My Blogspot site!:)

I have always wanted to write of about anything. Like I said in my previous blogs on a certain site, I am not a born writer in as much as I do not aspire to become one. I just love to write stuffs that comes in line with my way of thinking and I do not expect people to recognize me neither for doing this. It is just my way of expressing my thoughts to a topic that interests me. Such passion to write has driven me to come up with blog write-ups that blossomed like 2 or 3 years ago in a certain blog site. With the interest to continuously write, I thought of coming up with another site. Hence, my becoming a member here @ Blogsite. However, I'd still be writing blogs @ FS cos I owed everything to that site. I hope I'd be able to update this from time to time. Here's a link to my other site should you want to take a peek of what's in there: www.vmarie.blogs.friendster.com