25 December 2008

Whatta Christmas At Work!

It's already afternoon here in the P.I.. In fact, I just woke up after a 3-hour uninterrupted sleep. I still am tired for now for becoming sleepless and tired. I came home from a graveyard shift this morning, meaning I spent my Christmas Eve at work.

How was spending Christmas at work?
Actually, I did envision a Christmas Eve at work with us, those on duty having our own version of "Noche Buena" at exactly 12 midnight. I even brought foods with me and my parents sent me lechon, spaghetti and even rice for us to have something to eat on a Christmas Eve. That was actually my plan. However, it wasn't being observed. I found myself too busy at work. It's unfortunate that at exactly 12 midnight, I sought a doctor's help because a dehydrated patient had a breathing difficulty and vital signs were deteriorating. I knew most people during that certan point in time gets to hug and kiss their family members during Christmas Eve but to us, it wasn't a good one. We're busy resuscitating a months old kid and got to send him to Pedia ICU. Plus, ER admissions drove me nuts! They kept on coming in pairs!

We're able to eat past 2:30AM and I had to take a nap since I felt like I was too tired to talk and accomplish everything. I just got so surprised when again, another patient underwent a cardiac arrest. With sweats dripping from our faces, we continuosly did the CPR and loaded him with Epinephrine. I knew Doc Delle had been tired too but we did try our best to resuscitate the patient. To no avail, the kid passed away.

I was somewhat moved and a bit disappointed because for the last two days, all shifts have gone busier and two have already expired despite the necessary measures we took to revive them.

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