24 December 2008

Toxic Duty At Work!

Yesterday could be tagged as my busiest duty day ever in the unit!

The first few hours ran so smoothly despite having to attend to the many needs of the patients. After lunch, we got busy. One patient had a cardiac arrest. We did cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and finally an endotracheal tube was in place, hooked to continuous ambubagging (CAB) and was attached to the oxygen. The patient's heartbeat was somewhat slow though and I was so sure it will undergo another arrest again. Shortly after the doctor made his orders, he went to another cardiac arrest and was no longer revived.

Thought the remaining hours will be spent okay not until another patient experienced difficulty of breathing. We hooked him to oxygen inhalation but still went on cardiac arrest. Again, CPR was made and he was revived after a few doses of epinephrine. He too was intubated. Good thing I was able to transfer him quick to Pedia ICU.

It was indeed a toxic duty for me but am thankful that Janice and I made it.
I went home so tired and worn-out but at least I got all my tasks done.

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