03 December 2008

My Fondest Memory with Santa

When I was a kid, I always get excited come Christmas time because I knew Santa will always have gifts for me. I learned from my parents that Santa Claus would often walk on tiptoes on his way to our hanged socks on the wall so we won’t notice his arrival. Curious as I was back then, I even asked my mom how Santa could enter our house with doors and windows closed. She just answered me back telling me that Santa has his own way of entering many houses to deliver his gifts to children all over the world. So I thought all the while that Santa must have been delivering gifts since day one of December so children throughout the world can have them before Christmas. As a kid, I was always happy that I got my wishes granted by Santa every time I got my own sock on the wall fully loaded with gifts.

It is always really nice to reminisce those good old days during Christmas. To make it more memorable, it’s nice that I bumped myself into CEIVA Digital Photo Frame’s site that launched their Got A Wish Sweepstakes contest. Within the site, I got the luxury to upload my favorite kid picture taken behind a Christmas tree and alas, after a while, I found a new reinvented picture with me sitting on Santa’s lap! It brings me to a nostalgic experience indeed! At least when I got kids of my own someday, I’d be able to show it to them.

By the way, Got A Wish Sweepstakes is still on the run until December 24, 2008. One winner will be drawn for each day of the contest and a cash prize of $500 awaits to each randomly selected entry.


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