02 December 2008

Knowing XML

In today’s world, the evolution of technology is really on the rise. Now, computers seem to be a necessity when it was once never important. Everybody seems to get hooked to computers even the young ones. Funny how I became adept to computers when I was in college compared to my 9-year old darling little niece who was first introduced to it when she started prep school.

When I entered the blogosphere, all I really think about is just posting about how my life had been. Later, I was faced into a challenge that I need to make the most of my blog site by simply putting up widgets and changing my templates every once in a while. That’s how I came to know about XML stuffs which are precisely conceptualized by those with brilliant minds. I wonder how they go about working on these stuffs which I really found it difficult to grasp on. Ops, before I forgot, I learned online that an IDUG contest is on the run. This contest is open for developers, be they students, professionals or those hobbyists who are interested to join. Contestants have the liberty to choose which track to enter or they can join all five like the Video Contest, Gadget Contest, XQuery Challenge, Port An Application, or simply develop an application. To those aspiring developers, what are you waiting for? Get registered to the XML Challenge and get into the game!


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