06 December 2008

Kapoy Na Sabado...

My Saturday is a tiring one even if am not up for anything that could make me super duper busy. It's tiring in the sense that my body is tired because of lack of rest and sleep. If you could just see my pic from my previous post, it could obviously tell you that I do really need some doses of sleep (which I will be doing after this post). My day started so early at around dawn. I found it hard to get back to sleep at around 3-4AM I think. Got some naps though but those were all interrupted. Since it's a Saturday, a grocery day, I instead went to the mall despite the physical condition that I got. I went to Gaisano Mall with our kasambahay and did buy groceries for our weekly consumption. We stopped over McDonald's for lunch and went window shopping. It's good that payday was last night or else I'd be withdrawing nothing from my ATM bank account, LOL! By the time I got so tired and felt like lying down, I decided to go home with her. I supposedly like to visit Love2x in her work place and invite her to watch "Twilight" with me after 7PM but I really felt so tired after standing for too long inside the mall. When I got home, I slept right away. Woke up an hour before dinner and went online. Now, I'd be retiring early for sleep so my physical energy would be back to normal. Still be early tomorrow too for work. Gotta go now. Til my next blog post!:)

Goodnight everyone!

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Mariuca said...

Hola! You’re invited to join us on a BEAR-y special meme, have fun! :)