15 December 2008

Just Busy!

Hello friends! Am back once again. Sad to say I can't blog anytime I want to. My December work sched is quite a pain in my neck, urgh! Got many graveyard shifts with only in-between off days. However, I do understand why my sked seems to be this way. We got new people in the unit, hence, adjustments are made. My only complaint is that my skeds are stealing my physical energies away! Patay2x man sad ang lawas oi! Shameful cos I even got the nerve to nap this morning while at work. I was like begging to take a nap so I secretly slipped myself near our lockers where patient watchers couldn't see me. That's how I got so tired all these days! Cge lang, bawi lang ko sunod. I just need to prioritize my health for now but I'd still be blogging though.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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