22 December 2008

It's Almost Christmas!

Yeah! It's almost Christmas and still I haven't finished buying gifts for loved-ones! I only got an ample time left for now. Yesterday, we did go to SM City-Davao and even to NCCC Mall for our gifts but once you're there, it's really hard to think of which to buy for a loved-one. I just ended up feeling so nauseated and at the same time too tired to roam around and shop. Got tired also of having to include myself on those long lines waiting to be served for payment. I'm pretty sure my varicose veins are happy now that they got the chance to come out again in my legs.

We got home last night past 7:00PM. Yours truly did throw those shopping bags in bed and rested for a while. I allowed the time to pass away not until it was past 10:00PM when I thought of minding those I bought. It was my sister who influenced me to wrap gifts with her. I personally ended up to 1:00AM. Feeling oh so tired, I laid myself to sleep, still with some gifts unwrap.

Woke up today feeling so tired. I am still yearning for a good sleep but still I have yet to do many things. My family will be arriving here in the city today (puhon) too and I'm sure we'd be getting busy also. And another thing, our Christmas Party is being set tonight. I don't even know what food to bring yet. Still got a lot of things to accomplish and I'm running out of time.

Just hope I could attend to what should be accomplished before Christmas. . .

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