22 December 2008

I'm UP for the Challenge!

My kind of negative feelings lately are somewhat being challenged with a sudden turn of events. I can't stay being like this forever. I can't remain disappointed or dismayed forever. God knows that I am sanely doing things the way they should happen with attached sincerity to it. However, don't expect me to be really fast in terms of accomplishing what should be achieved. Being labeled as an obsessive-compulsive person, I did try to make things happen slowly yet surely. I don't rush. It's not me who simply rush things out. However, I am never a snail mover neither. It's just that I knew I can manage things my own way at my very own pace so there's no need to rush me.

To date, I know some are still doubtful of what I can do. I knew thoughts are still playing on these people's minds thinking if I can make it 0r n0t. I am never "manhid". I knew what's happening with the way I am observing things. I may not have heard or known about it but behind those meaningful stares and those silly jokes lies a very strong meaning that can warrant me to feel dismayed.

Despite what I've heard, despite the hearsays, despite those negative comments, there's no reason for me to feel so bad cos I really don't deserve such feeling. With all these, I am really up to whatever challenge I could get.

And I know I can make it!

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