22 December 2008

I Will Be Officially On Duty on Christmas Eve!

Yep, it's official! I will be working on Christmas Eve!

When the rest of the world is busy preparing for Christmas Eve on the 24th, yours truly will be doing the other thing. I will be preparing myself for duty on a 12-hour shift on the 24th. I'd be home in the morning of Christmas Day on the 25th.

How did this happen?
Since our profession is more focused on caring for the sick, we, health care professionals are committed to serve on a 24-hour basis, even on holidays. With this, the staff decided to draw lots randomly as to who will be working on that day. Well, twas my name being drawn from that rolled paper taken from the box. I still am fortunate though cos I won't be working anymore on New Year's Eve which I will be spending with my family back in our hometown.

Going on duty on the 24th will never be a hassle for me. In fact, I plan of bringing food stuffs in the hospital and have our own version of Christmas Eve too! I may not be spending it with family on that particular midnight and I may not be with them while everyone is opening Christmas gifts but there's one thing I am sure of, that I'd always be present in their hearts joining them in celebrating Christmas. :)

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