03 December 2008

A Great Choice For Eyeglasses

Yesterday, I successfully got my PRC-renewed ID after many months of waiting and also got the chance to claim my mom’s non-paying membership ID at PHIC. Since the PHIC office is located a few meters from SM Davao, I readily encouraged Love2x to loiter along the mall with me. While waiting for her to arrive, I wandered inside the department store premises. There, I saw reading eyeglasses and was able to try on them. Those I tried actually made my eyes gone hurting and I wasn’t comfortable wearing them. I realized I really should not be buying those cos it would only yield to a big waste of money if I did since the lens didn’t fit me well enough. Perhaps it’s gonna be financially wiser to consult first an optometrist before buying my eyeglasses from a reliable eye shop. Even my parents are accustomed to the idea of getting a good choice in terms of purchasing eyeglasses to get a good value for the money spent. Good thing, an online eye shop such as Zenni Optical is available to answer to the growing needs of the public. At least with Zenni’s, one can assure the reliability of the products since these stylish prescription eyeglasses are sold directly to its consumers at an affordable price one can afford. Don’t you know that Zenni Optical was mentioned in a book? Try reading it here to know more.