21 December 2008

Bonding Time with Cristy

I could have spent some time with these two former colleagues turned very good friends, Cristy and Chu last night. However, Chu got an appointment to attend to in Tagum so it is just Cristy with whom I was spending time with. We met past 5:00PM at NCCC Mall and we did some sort of windowshopping and loitering inside the mall premises for quite a while. After complaining of a tiring feet, we finally decided to have our dinner at Gardena Fresca. We walked all the way from NCCC Mall to Gardena Fresca inside Coca Cola Village in Matina. During dinner, we can't helped but be amazed with the tasty viands in big servings. We even failed to consume the tasty chopsuey we ordered. When we're done satisfying our meals, we decided to just engage in a music session in a videoke house. There we're able to spend three (3) hours just singing.

Really had fun with Cristy around last night. How much more if Chu was around?
Hope in our next social gathering, Chu will shed an extra time with us. :)

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