10 December 2008

After three (3) days of being away from the blogging world, am back once again. I'm not just having a great schedule at work lately and for sure it will be on for the rest of the month. It is for this reason that I do less blogging these days since an off day after duty is solely devoted for rest and sleep. I am not just abusing my body cos I don't wanna get sick especially now that Christmas is fast approaching. I am struggling though with a dry cough now but I hope it will resolve soon. This is all for now. Gotta be resting in while for another 12-hour graveyard shift duty later.


atlantic_puffin said...

Get well soon, Mare. On my side of the world, it is so unbelievably cold. Everyday is a struggle. I might be transferred to a colder province next week (Darkhan which is 3 hours away from the capital). Anyway, rest well.

out of the blue said...

take it easy marie. hinay-hinay lang.
i miss davao. wish we can go there next year for vacay.
happy weekend.