25 December 2008

Whatta Christmas At Work!

It's already afternoon here in the P.I.. In fact, I just woke up after a 3-hour uninterrupted sleep. I still am tired for now for becoming sleepless and tired. I came home from a graveyard shift this morning, meaning I spent my Christmas Eve at work.

How was spending Christmas at work?
Actually, I did envision a Christmas Eve at work with us, those on duty having our own version of "Noche Buena" at exactly 12 midnight. I even brought foods with me and my parents sent me lechon, spaghetti and even rice for us to have something to eat on a Christmas Eve. That was actually my plan. However, it wasn't being observed. I found myself too busy at work. It's unfortunate that at exactly 12 midnight, I sought a doctor's help because a dehydrated patient had a breathing difficulty and vital signs were deteriorating. I knew most people during that certan point in time gets to hug and kiss their family members during Christmas Eve but to us, it wasn't a good one. We're busy resuscitating a months old kid and got to send him to Pedia ICU. Plus, ER admissions drove me nuts! They kept on coming in pairs!

We're able to eat past 2:30AM and I had to take a nap since I felt like I was too tired to talk and accomplish everything. I just got so surprised when again, another patient underwent a cardiac arrest. With sweats dripping from our faces, we continuosly did the CPR and loaded him with Epinephrine. I knew Doc Delle had been tired too but we did try our best to resuscitate the patient. To no avail, the kid passed away.

I was somewhat moved and a bit disappointed because for the last two days, all shifts have gone busier and two have already expired despite the necessary measures we took to revive them.

24 December 2008

Greetings To You ALL! :)

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Chistmas Graphic Comments

I pray for more bountiful blessings and good health FOR EVERYONE!:)

Toxic Duty At Work!

Yesterday could be tagged as my busiest duty day ever in the unit!

The first few hours ran so smoothly despite having to attend to the many needs of the patients. After lunch, we got busy. One patient had a cardiac arrest. We did cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and finally an endotracheal tube was in place, hooked to continuous ambubagging (CAB) and was attached to the oxygen. The patient's heartbeat was somewhat slow though and I was so sure it will undergo another arrest again. Shortly after the doctor made his orders, he went to another cardiac arrest and was no longer revived.

Thought the remaining hours will be spent okay not until another patient experienced difficulty of breathing. We hooked him to oxygen inhalation but still went on cardiac arrest. Again, CPR was made and he was revived after a few doses of epinephrine. He too was intubated. Good thing I was able to transfer him quick to Pedia ICU.

It was indeed a toxic duty for me but am thankful that Janice and I made it.
I went home so tired and worn-out but at least I got all my tasks done.

I Survived The Challenge!

I survived the challenge yesterday! I did it!

Yes, I survived on the so-called challenge I was ranting about in my previous post. At least the person would have an idea now that I did try hard to accomplish tasks with me being involved in making major decisions in relation to its accomplishment. I did work hard and paved my way to meeting my goals for the day.

At least at the end of the day, I felt like I have done a big achievement on my part.

22 December 2008

I'm UP for the Challenge!

My kind of negative feelings lately are somewhat being challenged with a sudden turn of events. I can't stay being like this forever. I can't remain disappointed or dismayed forever. God knows that I am sanely doing things the way they should happen with attached sincerity to it. However, don't expect me to be really fast in terms of accomplishing what should be achieved. Being labeled as an obsessive-compulsive person, I did try to make things happen slowly yet surely. I don't rush. It's not me who simply rush things out. However, I am never a snail mover neither. It's just that I knew I can manage things my own way at my very own pace so there's no need to rush me.

To date, I know some are still doubtful of what I can do. I knew thoughts are still playing on these people's minds thinking if I can make it 0r n0t. I am never "manhid". I knew what's happening with the way I am observing things. I may not have heard or known about it but behind those meaningful stares and those silly jokes lies a very strong meaning that can warrant me to feel dismayed.

Despite what I've heard, despite the hearsays, despite those negative comments, there's no reason for me to feel so bad cos I really don't deserve such feeling. With all these, I am really up to whatever challenge I could get.

And I know I can make it!

I Will Be Officially On Duty on Christmas Eve!

Yep, it's official! I will be working on Christmas Eve!

When the rest of the world is busy preparing for Christmas Eve on the 24th, yours truly will be doing the other thing. I will be preparing myself for duty on a 12-hour shift on the 24th. I'd be home in the morning of Christmas Day on the 25th.

How did this happen?
Since our profession is more focused on caring for the sick, we, health care professionals are committed to serve on a 24-hour basis, even on holidays. With this, the staff decided to draw lots randomly as to who will be working on that day. Well, twas my name being drawn from that rolled paper taken from the box. I still am fortunate though cos I won't be working anymore on New Year's Eve which I will be spending with my family back in our hometown.

Going on duty on the 24th will never be a hassle for me. In fact, I plan of bringing food stuffs in the hospital and have our own version of Christmas Eve too! I may not be spending it with family on that particular midnight and I may not be with them while everyone is opening Christmas gifts but there's one thing I am sure of, that I'd always be present in their hearts joining them in celebrating Christmas. :)

It's Almost Christmas!

Yeah! It's almost Christmas and still I haven't finished buying gifts for loved-ones! I only got an ample time left for now. Yesterday, we did go to SM City-Davao and even to NCCC Mall for our gifts but once you're there, it's really hard to think of which to buy for a loved-one. I just ended up feeling so nauseated and at the same time too tired to roam around and shop. Got tired also of having to include myself on those long lines waiting to be served for payment. I'm pretty sure my varicose veins are happy now that they got the chance to come out again in my legs.

We got home last night past 7:00PM. Yours truly did throw those shopping bags in bed and rested for a while. I allowed the time to pass away not until it was past 10:00PM when I thought of minding those I bought. It was my sister who influenced me to wrap gifts with her. I personally ended up to 1:00AM. Feeling oh so tired, I laid myself to sleep, still with some gifts unwrap.

Woke up today feeling so tired. I am still yearning for a good sleep but still I have yet to do many things. My family will be arriving here in the city today (puhon) too and I'm sure we'd be getting busy also. And another thing, our Christmas Party is being set tonight. I don't even know what food to bring yet. Still got a lot of things to accomplish and I'm running out of time.

Just hope I could attend to what should be accomplished before Christmas. . .

21 December 2008

The Silent Ways He Says I Love You ;)

The first time I let a woman know I loved her, she walked right out of my life. Okay, okay, I didn’t say “I love you” exactly. But the setting couldn’t have been more romantic—the two of us basking in the afterglow of midmorning sex, breathless and blissful. We locked eyes and held each other for what seemed like forever. And that’s when I realized how much she meant to me. My phone was ringing in the background as I finally found the courage to brush back her hair and whisper three special words that would convey my feelings.

“Wanna get that?”

But the only thing she got was her clothes and the hell out of there.

What my beloved didn’t understand was that for me, the ringing phone didn’t interrupt the lovey-dovey moment, it defined the moment—the perfect opportunity to show her I wanted to share every part of my life with her. You see, men are stoic believers that actions speak louder than words. It’s why we play basketball rather than chat with friends, give flowers instead of uttering “I’m sorry’s,” and yes, send smoke signals instead of simply saying the L word. The problem: Those cryptic I’m-crazy-about-you messages (like letting you answer the phone to prove you have access to every private part of our lives) aren’t easily understood by you word-oriented women.

So I bribed my braver friends to break the male code of silence and fill you in on the unmistakable signs a guy’s gaga for you. If he does any of the following, he’s pretty much saying, you know, that phrase.

You catch him staring at your eyes.
The eyes are more than just windows to a man’s soul, they can also be a tattletale to what’s welling in his heart. Men always ogle the objects they desire—it’s the reason you’re always busting us cleavage peeping. So consider: With all that eye candy out there, if it’s you he’s staring at, his affection runs deep. There are two types of I-love-you looks. There’s the secret stare (you’ll have to catch him in the act). “Watching my girlfriend at a party allows me a private moment when I can pinch myself and wonder how I deserve this amazing person in my life—a perspective I can’t get when she’s right there in front of me,” says Patrick, 30.

Then there’s the steady gaze. Guys are guarded when it comes to showing emotion. When they lock eyes for a full-tilt, unabashed stare, they’re lowering their shield to let you in. “I’d never hold that sort of eye contact with anyone else, but an intense gaze with my girlfriend reflects how comforted and captivated I am by her,” says Chip, 29.

He stocks his kitchen with stuff you like.
Discovering that his kitchen is loaded with biscotti, cappuccino, and other feminine edibles (that would only pass his lips at gun point) shows you’re lingering on his mind on the most unexpected, unromantic places—like the produce aisle on a solo shopping trip. “One day I checked out my shopping cart and saw all the bags of baby carrots and the bottles of diet soda meant for my girlfriend,” says Patrick. “It struck me that it had become second nature for me to consider what would make her happy, and that’s when I knew I was in love.”

Furthermore, stocking up means he’s gone public with your place in his pad. You see, men like to maintain at least the image of being detached for as long as possible. So leaving unmistakable evidence in our home that there’s a woman present in our life is a bright red flag that you’re the one.

He talks about where he wants to live in three years.
Telling you he plans to relocate to the States one day may seem like a neon warning not to get any long-term ideas because your man’s getting set to leave you in the dust. However, it might also be his wily way of letting you know that he wants you in his future. “Every time I tell my girlfriend where I see ‘me’ down the road, I’m really trying to gauge whether she sees herself there with me,” says Jon, 26. So how do you know when a guy’s just bragging about his grand game plan and when he’s quietly declaring his love? It’s all in the way he talks. If he tells you he wants to move to Boracay, be a beach bum, and ogle the local girls, no dice. If he mentions that he sees himself eventually settling in Makati, then immediately asks if you could ever envision yourself living there, he’s emitting serious long-term relationship rays.

He wears the sweater you gave him all the time.
Trusting you behind the wheel of his wardrobe is something no man does readily. Not that guys are all that picky about their appearance, it’s just that we pride ourselves on being, well, ourselves. “Blame it on the inflated male ego, but to permit any tampering with our identity, even if it’s for the better, is considered a sign of weakness,” explains Peter, 29. consequently, every time a guy does don some item he obviously didn’t pick out for himself, he’s showing that he’s letting you take control and do a little remodeling. It’s a bold statement, one that guarantees he’ll encounter a certain amount of abuse from his peers. Translation: He’s willing to endure his pals’ ridicule to make you happy.

He stands right next to you in public.
Where he stands when you’re out together says a lot about where you stand in his life. Consider this key truth: Call us dogs for it, but guys are hardwired to check out women. “It’s second nature for men to scan every room they enter for possible trade-ups if he’s still in the market for Ms. Perfect,” says Robert, 31. That’s why when a man’s still uncertain about his feelings, he’ll either trail several feet behind you or get out in front of you and lead the path—two safety positions that keep his wandering eyes hidden. “But if he’s in love, he’ll squelch this most basic male instinct,” says Chad, 28. sliding up shoulder-to-shoulder is his way of showing his commitment by keeping his eyes right where you can see them. Plus, sticking close puts him in range of being touched in public by you, and that limits his ability to go after a sexy chick he may spy. “Being side by side puts my girlfriend within lips’ reach, making it easy for her to whisper in my ear or lean in for a surprise quick kiss,” says Ryan, 27. “It’s my way of telling other women I’m taken.”

He doesn’t flinch if you pick up his phone.
Men never know what potentially image-damaging force might be lurking on the other end of their phone line—from ex-girlfriends looking for a last hurrah to an overly inquisitive mom. If we let you answer that jingling time bomb, it means there’s absolutely nothing about us we want to keep concealed from you. “Men aren’t big on sharing. So when a guy lets you grab the phone—possibly making you privy to personal information you could use to blackmail him for the rest of his life—it means he’s planning on staying with you for a very long time,” says Richard, 29.

But more than just sharing his secrets, a guy handing you the rights to his receiver is essentially the same as giving you the key to his kingdom. “A guy’s phone is the last thing left in the relationship that’s truly his own,” says Jeremy, 26. “Giving up that remaining piece of autonomy is something I only do with someone I love.”

Bonding Time with Cristy

I could have spent some time with these two former colleagues turned very good friends, Cristy and Chu last night. However, Chu got an appointment to attend to in Tagum so it is just Cristy with whom I was spending time with. We met past 5:00PM at NCCC Mall and we did some sort of windowshopping and loitering inside the mall premises for quite a while. After complaining of a tiring feet, we finally decided to have our dinner at Gardena Fresca. We walked all the way from NCCC Mall to Gardena Fresca inside Coca Cola Village in Matina. During dinner, we can't helped but be amazed with the tasty viands in big servings. We even failed to consume the tasty chopsuey we ordered. When we're done satisfying our meals, we decided to just engage in a music session in a videoke house. There we're able to spend three (3) hours just singing.

Really had fun with Cristy around last night. How much more if Chu was around?
Hope in our next social gathering, Chu will shed an extra time with us. :)

Off From Work At Last!

The past week's schedule was like very tiring to me. Imagine having to battle four (4) 12-hour graveyard shifts! It sure will leave you tired, drained and stressed!

Yesterday was the start of my not-so long off days. Actually, I got 2 more which is today and tomorrow. However, am sure I could not devote time for resting because I am now in the rush to buy my gifts for loved-ones with a Christmas Party to attend too tomorrow. Well at least I got more time to take even at least a short leave off from work. ;)

19 December 2008

I Learn Lessons!

Recently, I stumbled upon trials concerning my profession. They've come to test me on how far I could get and how long could I be able to withstand everything. At least everything seems to be in place now while am writing this. With such trials, I learn a lot of things that will surely be kept for life.

17 December 2008

Does Age Matter In Relationships?

I found this article from femalenetwork.com very nice that's why am reposting it here:

Does age matter in relationships?

Dec 9, 2008 by FN's Trixie Reyna


At one point in our lives, a lot of us have dated a man who’s either too young or too old for us. Think ten years younger or older. At the very least. Did that particular dating stint stand out from the rest? Did it lead to a relationship? And did age spell the difference in the success or failure of that relationship?

Let’s focus on the relationship in which the woman is significantly older than the man, in the meantime. According to WebMD.com, sexual desire is one of the major considerations older women fall for younger guys. The ego boost from having a younger man still fall for her makes getting into this relationship even easier for the woman. Beyond the physical level, it seems younger men “offer a cultural understanding of older women that they just don’t get from men their own age or older,” as gender expert Susan Shapiro Barash was quoted as saying in the article.

Some younger men, meanwhile, tend to go for older women simply because she has achieved a certain level of experience, confidence, and sophistication—sexual or otherwise—which is a major turn-on. It also helps that older women somehow alleviate the pressure they feel about having to be the breadwinner.

Among the downsides, however, are the woman’s concern about her ticking biological clock, her fear of growing physically too old for her partner, the risk that the younger man may eventually turn to a woman his age eventually, and the big difference in level of maturity, which can eventually cause problems.

There is also a certain stigma against this type of relationship. In the Philippine context, for instance, some people stereotype older women dating younger men as “sugar mommies.” Another term used for “older women who actively seek out younger men” is “cougars,” says WebMD.com. In whichever context, it seems “the bulk of our ‘scorn’ still seems directed squarely at the reputation of the older women,” as observed from a study done on the implications of marriages involving women a decade or more older than their mates published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy in 2006.

With these pros and cons of an older woman-younger man pairing, you can also pretty much assume their similarity with the downsides and perks of a younger woman dating a much older man. Bottom line, making a quite unconventional relationship work really depends much on how the individuals involved handle the relationship and not let certain pre-conceived notions affect their choice. The same rules for dating and seeking your ideal partner apply.

To quote another article on age differences, “Cougars? May-December? Does Age Matter When You’re Dating?” asserts, “In all your relationships, you will do well if you don’t make assumptions about anyone based on outward appearance, age, sex, race, or any other bias. You’ll do well if you can take each person as they are, for who they are, and know them before you judge.”

So we’d like to know: If you have not yet dated a man way younger or older than you are, will you? Why or why not?

Photo by idman from everystockphoto.com

Successive Graveyard Shifts

Justify FullGot home a few hours ago from a 12-hour graveyard shift. Tonight, I'd still be working on the same shift with high hopes that I can combat sleepiness and exhaustion. These successive shifts are actually my first time to work on a double night shift. I knew how tiring it could get but am hoping I could make the most of my duty shifts. This is all for now and I hope I'd be getting more hours of sleep in a while. :)

15 December 2008

My Week's Escapades

Despite having tight skeds at work, I still found time to relax. Of course, I just need to shed some time for relaxation so I could at least de-stress myself from work's tensions and pressures. Last week, I found time to meet up with co-graveyard shift beauties and found ourselves having our singing session at Cats and Dogs along Rizal Street.

I also got the chance to meet my RN Friends who really took time to spare their Saturday night so we could spend our very own Christmas Party. Our party was held at Donna's place along El-rio. We had the typical gift-giving ceremonies and yours truly is lucky enough to get a Sponge-Bob bath towel which I really liked. :) I only had one glass of RH because I can't dare to have my own tequila shots. Besides, I came all the way from my tiring work shift.

Just Busy!

Hello friends! Am back once again. Sad to say I can't blog anytime I want to. My December work sched is quite a pain in my neck, urgh! Got many graveyard shifts with only in-between off days. However, I do understand why my sked seems to be this way. We got new people in the unit, hence, adjustments are made. My only complaint is that my skeds are stealing my physical energies away! Patay2x man sad ang lawas oi! Shameful cos I even got the nerve to nap this morning while at work. I was like begging to take a nap so I secretly slipped myself near our lockers where patient watchers couldn't see me. That's how I got so tired all these days! Cge lang, bawi lang ko sunod. I just need to prioritize my health for now but I'd still be blogging though.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Zenni's Best!

I have always been talking about Zenni Opticals in my blogs. Who else won't talk about the popular online eyeglasses shop when they have countless eyeglasses to choose from? With Christmas around the corner, Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical are readily available including their $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. For sure Christmas wll be more brighter for those who will be receiving presents from Zenni Opticals. :) The pic show below has really been my favorite from Zenni's:

10 December 2008

After three (3) days of being away from the blogging world, am back once again. I'm not just having a great schedule at work lately and for sure it will be on for the rest of the month. It is for this reason that I do less blogging these days since an off day after duty is solely devoted for rest and sleep. I am not just abusing my body cos I don't wanna get sick especially now that Christmas is fast approaching. I am struggling though with a dry cough now but I hope it will resolve soon. This is all for now. Gotta be resting in while for another 12-hour graveyard shift duty later.

06 December 2008

Kapoy Na Sabado...

My Saturday is a tiring one even if am not up for anything that could make me super duper busy. It's tiring in the sense that my body is tired because of lack of rest and sleep. If you could just see my pic from my previous post, it could obviously tell you that I do really need some doses of sleep (which I will be doing after this post). My day started so early at around dawn. I found it hard to get back to sleep at around 3-4AM I think. Got some naps though but those were all interrupted. Since it's a Saturday, a grocery day, I instead went to the mall despite the physical condition that I got. I went to Gaisano Mall with our kasambahay and did buy groceries for our weekly consumption. We stopped over McDonald's for lunch and went window shopping. It's good that payday was last night or else I'd be withdrawing nothing from my ATM bank account, LOL! By the time I got so tired and felt like lying down, I decided to go home with her. I supposedly like to visit Love2x in her work place and invite her to watch "Twilight" with me after 7PM but I really felt so tired after standing for too long inside the mall. When I got home, I slept right away. Woke up an hour before dinner and went online. Now, I'd be retiring early for sleep so my physical energy would be back to normal. Still be early tomorrow too for work. Gotta go now. Til my next blog post!:)

Goodnight everyone!

Candid Picture Tag (from Donabel)

Got this tag from my blogger friend from afar, Donabel. Grabbed this tag cos I found it cute, hehe.. :) Thanks for tagging me along with this Don.

Grr, I really look this stressed! This pic was taken a few minutes ago after waking up from an afternoon nap. My eyes still do tell that am needing more sleep. Poor me!


1. Take a picture right NOW!!!

2. DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.

3. Post that picture with NO editing.

4. Post these instructions with your picture.

5. Tag your friends.

Now am passing this tag to Grace, Weng, Bojoy, and AprilHeart. :)

05 December 2008

Livin' Life Each Day

My mind was wandering while I was on my way for work last night aboard a public utility vehicle. Had thoughts about work, about my life, and the ill-feeling I got. The PUJ went on fast until the driver stepped on the brakes abruptly with the vehicle having its sudden stop. Urgh! We almost got hit by a rushing 4X4 pick-up! Good thing, we're saved! I personally said Thank You to God for being saved. That incident made me realized how important is living each day to the fullest for we may never know when our lives be taken from us. I hope I'd stay alive more longer cos I have yet to fulfill my own purpose in this world. May this wish be heard by the Heavens!

A Nagging Sis That I Am

Among my siblings, I have to admit I am the nagging one. I usually complain when things aren't in place especially when all these concerns my elder brother and my little sister. A simple talk or a little confrontation would often lead me to countless minutes of talking until I realized I had been talking nonstop already. Thank God, they just sometimes allow me to vent my emotions. Bro, you knew my reasons why I nag at times. Pasensya na po.

03 December 2008

My Fondest Memory with Santa

When I was a kid, I always get excited come Christmas time because I knew Santa will always have gifts for me. I learned from my parents that Santa Claus would often walk on tiptoes on his way to our hanged socks on the wall so we won’t notice his arrival. Curious as I was back then, I even asked my mom how Santa could enter our house with doors and windows closed. She just answered me back telling me that Santa has his own way of entering many houses to deliver his gifts to children all over the world. So I thought all the while that Santa must have been delivering gifts since day one of December so children throughout the world can have them before Christmas. As a kid, I was always happy that I got my wishes granted by Santa every time I got my own sock on the wall fully loaded with gifts.

It is always really nice to reminisce those good old days during Christmas. To make it more memorable, it’s nice that I bumped myself into CEIVA Digital Photo Frame’s site that launched their Got A Wish Sweepstakes contest. Within the site, I got the luxury to upload my favorite kid picture taken behind a Christmas tree and alas, after a while, I found a new reinvented picture with me sitting on Santa’s lap! It brings me to a nostalgic experience indeed! At least when I got kids of my own someday, I’d be able to show it to them.

By the way, Got A Wish Sweepstakes is still on the run until December 24, 2008. One winner will be drawn for each day of the contest and a cash prize of $500 awaits to each randomly selected entry.


Tagalog Tag from Maya

(Note: I've done this tag before but am posting it again so some would get to know more of me and besides, I'd like to have this tag posted in Tagalog.)

Ang tag na ito ay kusang ibinigay sa akin ni Maya. Nakasalin kasi sa Tagalog kaya pilit ko tong ibabahagi rin sa Tagalog pwera lang sa titulo ng tag na ito. Alam kong dudugo talaga lalo ang ilong ko nito kasi nga hindi ako sanay na nagtatagalog (syempre, Bisdak eh!). Bago ang lahat, maraming salamat Maya. Ngayon ko lang naramdaman ang importansya ng Wikang Filipino (lol!):

Narito ang kabuuan ng tag:

10 Facts About Myself:

1. Ako ay isinilang sa lalawigan ng Bohol, nakatira ng labing walong taon sa isang munting lalawigan sa Davao Oriental at nang tumuntong ng kolehiyo ay nanirahan na rin dito sa mapayapang lungsod ng Dabaw. Umuuwi pa rin ako paminsan-minsan sa amin sa Davao Oriental tuwing nagbabakasyon o tuwing sasapit ang Bagong Taon.

2. Ako ay mahilig sa manok. Sa katunayan, nagkakaron ako ng allergy nito kaya't sa loob ng halos tatlong buwan ay ipinagpaliban ko muna ang pagkain ng manok. Pero nung araw na gustong gusto ko na talagang kumain ng manok sa KFC, di ko na rin napigilan at bumalik ako sa dati kong gawi. Salamat naman at hindi pa rin ako amoy manok sa ngayon.

3. Una akong nakasakay ng eroplano noong taong 2006 at sa taong 2007, naka-siyam na lipad ako sa iba't-ibang destinasyon kasali na dun ang isang lipad pang-internasyonal.

4. Isang beses lang ako nakaapak sa Baguio at gustong gusto ko pang bumalik uli doon.

5. Ipinagmamalaki ko ang Mindanao lalo na ang lungsod ng Dabaw. Hindi totoo ang mga balita balitang magulo ang Mindanao.

6. Hindi ako marunong magluto pero may interes ako na matuto nito.

7. Super mahilig ako sa musika at sa pagkanta.

8. Nirerespeto ko ang aking mga magulang nang higit sa lahat.

9. Mahiligin ako sa mga bata.

10. Mahal ko ang aking pamangkin at itinuring ko syang pinakapaborito kong bata sa buong mundo.

Sana naman naiintindihan nyo ang tag na 'to. :)

Tags, Awards...

I have gotten these awards a few days ago and now is the time for me to post it here. I am so glad to have these awards shared by my friendly bloggers. Thanks so much for taking time to remember me!:)

Got these awards from Maya:

Got the tag below from Donabel too!

Thanks guys for these. I am passing these awards to all who formed part in my blogroll!:)

A Great Choice For Eyeglasses

Yesterday, I successfully got my PRC-renewed ID after many months of waiting and also got the chance to claim my mom’s non-paying membership ID at PHIC. Since the PHIC office is located a few meters from SM Davao, I readily encouraged Love2x to loiter along the mall with me. While waiting for her to arrive, I wandered inside the department store premises. There, I saw reading eyeglasses and was able to try on them. Those I tried actually made my eyes gone hurting and I wasn’t comfortable wearing them. I realized I really should not be buying those cos it would only yield to a big waste of money if I did since the lens didn’t fit me well enough. Perhaps it’s gonna be financially wiser to consult first an optometrist before buying my eyeglasses from a reliable eye shop. Even my parents are accustomed to the idea of getting a good choice in terms of purchasing eyeglasses to get a good value for the money spent. Good thing, an online eye shop such as Zenni Optical is available to answer to the growing needs of the public. At least with Zenni’s, one can assure the reliability of the products since these stylish prescription eyeglasses are sold directly to its consumers at an affordable price one can afford. Don’t you know that Zenni Optical was mentioned in a book? Try reading it here to know more.

02 December 2008

The Floating Christmas Tree In Brazil

Watching the lighting of the floating Christmas Tree in Brazil on TV did entice my eyes! It was superbly amazing! The majestic fireworks display also made the event super duper great! Since I can't get enough of what I saw on TV, I did look for a video online and here's what I got from iReport. Wanna share these with you guys:

Ambivalent Feelings

Ambivalence. That's how I could describe my feelings lately at work. I am happy for sound reasons but at the same time I am sad. I am happy cos I still am able to care and at least share a single part of me to those who needs me. However, half of me seems to be sad for some reasons. It makes me sad at times when patience seems to be running out of me. My conscience often dictates me whenever am at the brink of being impatient. However, this can be remedied right away when I tend to cool down. The saddest part? I just have this negative energy at times whenever I am being indirectly scorned upon for some minor stuffs when after all I did my very best to it. **sighs**

Knowing XML

In today’s world, the evolution of technology is really on the rise. Now, computers seem to be a necessity when it was once never important. Everybody seems to get hooked to computers even the young ones. Funny how I became adept to computers when I was in college compared to my 9-year old darling little niece who was first introduced to it when she started prep school.

When I entered the blogosphere, all I really think about is just posting about how my life had been. Later, I was faced into a challenge that I need to make the most of my blog site by simply putting up widgets and changing my templates every once in a while. That’s how I came to know about XML stuffs which are precisely conceptualized by those with brilliant minds. I wonder how they go about working on these stuffs which I really found it difficult to grasp on. Ops, before I forgot, I learned online that an IDUG contest is on the run. This contest is open for developers, be they students, professionals or those hobbyists who are interested to join. Contestants have the liberty to choose which track to enter or they can join all five like the Video Contest, Gadget Contest, XQuery Challenge, Port An Application, or simply develop an application. To those aspiring developers, what are you waiting for? Get registered to the XML Challenge and get into the game!