15 November 2008

What's Happening Friendster?

Yesterday, I was excited to log on to my Friendster account because I knew some new messages are waiting for me. However, when I typed in the address/URL, it took time to download until I was given an error page. I thought it was only our internet connection that's kinda slow. When I checked on the page early this morning, it still gave me the same message until I chatted with P, a friend who's now based in Canada. She too asked me if I am experiencing logging problems with Friendster. At least it's now clear that Friendster is having some problems as of this moment which is experienced by its subscribers worldwide. I just hope Friendster will be back to normal soon.

1 comment:

D said...

It seems they're doing some updates, Marie. I logged in to Friendster last night too and I couldn't open my account. But they are back now. I was able to open my account this morning.