04 November 2008

Reminiscing my Ateneo Friends

Whew! I missed my Ateneo friends especially J and R. It used to be the three of us who's always together from 1st year to 4th year of our Psych days. After college days, these friends of mine journeyed and lived a life in Manila and I was the only one left here in Davao. Next year (specifically March 2009) we will mark our ten (10) years after graduation, and yet we haven't met still (the 3 of us together). Good thing technology still brings us together because we still do chat, just updating each other of our own lives and for the record, J is coming home next, next week for a couple of days. Too bad, R is out of the country and can't be with us. Oh well, I just missed having these people around!

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