15 November 2008

Painful Dysmenorrhea

I rarely experienced dysmenorrhea but when I get to have it, dang, it's really that painful! Since yesterday, I am struggling with it. It has reached the point that I could no longer move and all I wanna do is lie on my abdomen most of the time. With all that has happened, I finally got the courage to resort to pain relievers (which I rarely do as long as I can bear with it). After taking Mefenamic Acid (it's Dolfenal 500mg), I can't anymore remember everything. All I could remember was am off to dreamland right away. Today, I woke up with a good feeling that I really have gotten a very sound sleep. I still have abdominal cramps though but these are just tolerable compared to what I experienced last night. I pretty hope I won't be experiencing such an agony again!

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