22 November 2008

OFF Day 4

It was Friday, November 21, and I was still sleepless, LOL! Woke up a bit early and I got to have a phone chat with C, a colleague friend. We chatted for a while then J and I prepared ourselves for our day's journey. We left home before 12:00 noon and decided to eat our lunch at Penong's-Ilustre. I was way too sleepy that I had in between naps while having our lunch, LOL! Shortly after lunch, J and I parted ways because we got respective appointments for the day (she's spending some time with her HS UIC friends). Since I really got so tired and sleepy and my appointment would still be at 6:00 PM, I asked a favor from a friend if I could get to have at least a little rest at their comfortable home. Good thing she agreed. I was able to sleep for more than an hour at L's place. Around 6:00PM, I headed to NCCC Mall where my colleague friends and I would convene for that night. By 7:00 PM we headed to Gardena Fresca along Coca-Cola Village for our reunion dinner. There we got endless talks, took more pics and still had our share of funny laughs and stories. I went home past 10:00 PM and slept right away since duty will be early today.

What else can I say? Hmm, off days are OVER now! :) At least I got lovely memories spent with friends. :) Be working early today for 12 hours and I'd be having dinner again with friends tonight to celebrate D's birthday. :)

Have a great weekend peeps! :)


Dora said...

So after rejuvenated in the off-days, do you feel refreshing heading to work? hehehe... Nice to meet you!

Keith said...

I am exhausted. I read about lack of sleep and all I want is to fgop top bed. You write well. Salamat. I hope to read from you again