20 November 2008

OFF Day 2 and 3

Despite becoming sleepless yesterday for going home early at dawn, I still managed to wake up at 7:00AM. I made this promise to our "kasambahay" that we'll be out on a Wednesday (that was yesterday) and I'll tag her to wherever I will be going. True enough, it was materialized yesterday. We went to Gaisano Mall to get some cash via ATM to send to my Mom's Smart Money account. We took side trips inside the mall's department store and I bought some stuffs. Since it was nearing lunch, we stopped over at Greenwich and ate. We headed to my sis' office at DLPC-Ponciano and handed her Asus Notebook which she was needing at that moment. We had a quick visit at Smart which is just beside DLPC along Ponciano and got mom's Smart Money loaded with cash. After that transaction, we headed to Philhealth Office to submit my mom's PHIC requirements needed for her non-paying PHIC membership. I felt glad because it was processed fast though I still need to go back there to claim her new ID. We then headed to NCCC- R. Magsaysay and thank God, because of my blog earnings I got to buy things for myself. :) Yesterday was such a long day for me that I found myself too tired as the night crawled in. Despite becoming tired, I still slept late because I still lurked on the net and engrossed myself in texting, lol!:) Slept past midnight.

Today is officially my Day 3 off from work and the day is just starting, lol!. Woke up early because I felt hungry, and now am hooked online trying to catch some opps. However, they seem to be unkind with me today. PPP has more or less 150 opps but none available for me. Meanwhile, it is raining so hard now that I can obviously hear those raindrops from the outside. I just hope the rain would stop because for sure I'd be out this afternoon to meet my friend who's due to arrive from Manila today. I actually save this date just to spend time with my college friend whom I haven't seen for many years. I am becoming excited now!:) This is all for now and happy Thursday everyone!:)


Babette said...

Naku ha, tagal ng day off mo. Dapat may date night yan! LOL Question, ano yung pagkain na 'hinalang na baka'? PAki describe please. hehehe sensya na ha, have not heard of that kse. curious lang dahil mahilig ako magluto . :o)

atlantic_puffin said...

Goodness, how I wish I am spending the day with the two of you (I presume it is J who is arriving from Manila), instead of being in a place so cold (but it is quite warm today, only 5 degrees), all I want to do is snuggle under my duvet and sleep all day! Have fun and my warmest regards to J.