09 November 2008

My Don't-Go-There Experience

Don’t go there anymore!
That usually is the statement that keeps on playing in my head when I think about that Digos ancestral house we had been into a few years back. Sometime in 2004, we were once nursing students who traveled an hour away from Davao City to Digos City because of our 4-day hospital exposure at Digos Provincial Hospital. Upon our arrival from a tiring travel, we got fascinated with the place at an 80/day rate. The place got 3 big bedrooms with 3 big beds in it. It even felt like closer to home because we had our own cabinets, big shower rooms, and a dining room. The first two nights was great until we were being asked by our clinical instructor of how we’re doing on that ancestral house. Later we learned creepy stories told about the place. On our last night, creepy experience did hit us. We heard dogs growling all through the night. We even took a bath in pairs. Even guys were too afraid to get out of their rooms. What was more terrifying was when my friend whom I shared the room with got a text message with unidentified number telling her that they’ve been waiting for her and that the message demanded my friend to open the door because it’s too cold and windy outside. We’re so afraid that we both curled under our blankets with the lights on for the night. We all haven’t slept! It was a sigh of relief when we left the house the following day and paved back home.

By the way, a must-read book entitled “Don’t Go There” by Peter Greenberg will be out in the next few days so be sure to check on it so you’d know about places you dare not go. You can also submit your video and text entries about your-don’t-go-there experiences at www.dontgothere.org.


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