27 November 2008

Moments With My First Ever DMC Family

It was August 2007 when our paths have crossed (except for Ate Leah whom I met in nursing school a few years back). I can't forget that most of us during that time had our share of "firsts" at Genward since it was where we were first assigned by the time we were hired to work in the facility. Too bad, we can't just stay and work together for long. A few months after working at Genward, slowly each of us was tasked to be assigned to other areas. It was me who got evicted last from our first-ever home. Now, we still managed to keep in touch though we rarely see each other. I should say I really treasure the friendships built with the people I met at Genward.

Here are some of the pics recently taken when we met up for dinner in time for Shoi's short visit here in Davao last week @ Gardena Fresca in Matina:

Hmm, we're missing some peeps here. Too bad Mam Lisa, Te Divine, and Karissa weren't around!

Note: Thanks BenchieGrace for the pics. :)

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