24 November 2008

Moments with Friends ;)

J, a close friend of mine in college, was here in Davao last November 20-22, 2008. At least she took a vacation off from her busy world in Manila and decided to spend it here in her beloved city. The night of November 21, 2008, we headed to Gaisano Mall and pampered ourselves with Hair Studio's Foot Spa service.
"US" cam whoring while having our feet done ;)

Nothing to do inside the studio except for THIS, lol!

And THIS! Try to look at us infront of the mirror... :)

After that we loitered for a while inside the mall. Since we are kids at heart, we did not fail to buy this:

a sweet thing called "cotton candy" (slurp!)

At around 7:00PM that same day, we met up with N, another close friend in college (it was N's first time to see J after almost a decade of not seeing each other, lol!). We dined at Banok's just near Durian Park/Square so J could easily get an access to satisfy her stomach with the tasteful durian whom she greatly missed eating! These were the pics taken while we're eating durian:

the 3 of us with smiles opened wide

N taking a pose with J's Krispy Kreme pasalubong to her and the ever tasteful durian

These are but significant memories of us. Look what friendship has done to us. :)

After savouring the tasteful durian, we headed to Coffee Dream @ Damosa Gateway in Lanang. Wasn't able to take pics anymore because we spent more time just chatting. That was really a night worth remembering! Too bad, R wasn't with us. Hope to have moments like this with you again guys, and of course with R the next time around.

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