30 November 2008

A Hopeless Battle Against Second-Hand Smoke

I can't help but post about it now. I have been inhaling second-hand smoke since the day my brother has gone addicted to smoking. It was just normal to me from the start since a lot of people has been into it but in the long run, it has gone abnormal. The usual and normal cigarette fumes were gone and inhaling my bro's cigarette fumes have become irritating to my nose. It seems like those always interfer with my breathing. Sad part, I no longer breathe the normal way everytime I get to inhale those cigarette smokes puffed by my brother. One time I submitted myself for an ECG because I got chest pains and the impression on it is Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH). To be satisfied and to get a thorough explanation on it, I sought for medical help. I was informed to submit myself for 2D-Echo to correlate the result (which I haven't done until now cos it's kinda expensive to me). I was even asked if am a smoker! That statement made a ring into my ears cos I was being asked with such. I confidently told the doctor that I never smoked all my life but I just lived with someone who's been a chain smoker for years. She told me I should get rid of those smokes or else my health would be at a greater risk. I just sighed. I just sighed because I can never make my brother change his habit. I just feel so hopeless whenever this issue arises. ;(

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