24 November 2008

Happy Beerday Don!:)

Today, November 24 is my friend Donna's late 20-ish birthday!:) She had a pre-birthday celebration last Saturday, and of course, yours truly was invited for dinner. C and I arrived late from work. After having a sumptous meal at Banca Ni Kuya Ed's (not sure if this is really the exact name of the restaurant, LOL!), we paved our way to Jickong's (i hope i spelled it well) along F. Torres Street. There, we chatted the night away over a few sips (just a few sips for me) of RH, LOL! These are what we call as a beer-day celebration:
(Warning: Most pics are somewhat huge. To zoom it out, point the mouse on a certain image, right-click on it then choose the zoom out option).

me + the birthday girl = friendship ;)

RN Friends through the years!
(missing some people though, *sobs*)

the Men of the Night, LOL

our faces turning RED, urgh!

we're celebrating great moments here!:)

To the birthday celebrant, I wish you more bountiful years ahead in life and love (i knew you're inspired now hahaha, just kidding!). Thanks so much for taking time to gather us all together. We missed some though but for sure we'll be celebrating more fun, more memories, and more birthdays with friends in time. :)

Once again,

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