21 November 2008

Flat Belly Diet For ME!

While preparing for that much awaited city stroll with J yesterday, I really had a hard time choosing which shirt to wear. I think I’ve changed shirts more than thrice just to make sure I won’t be exposing much of my already fatty-filled belly. After taking too much time to choose which to wear, I finally decided to have that black blouse on. At least it’s black and certainly I’d look belly-less on it. True enough, I looked a bit slimmer on it especially when am standing compared to the other blouses I tried on. At first I felt okay for I was never really conscious about obvious belly bulges. However, when I got to sit down because my already-filled stomach after eating, I began to feel uncomfortable. I realized they have gone obvious! I really thought those weren’t noticeable but when I tried looking at them, I realized that I should be really taking a Flat Belly Diet to have these stomach bulges trimmed. That’s when I started thinking about minimizing my intake of carbohydrates. For sure it’s like a sacrifice for me because I am really a certified rice eater. I just hope I’d be successful in my quest of attaining a flat belly.


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