07 November 2008

Death of One of My Most Admired Blogger Mimay :(

OMG! I couldn't believed she passed away at an early age of 24!
Mimay, a great blogger/writer who owned Coatable Coats, died last October 21, 2008. I was really so shocked with the news. I personally am a frequent visitor of her blog because I love the way she writes and expresses anything in her mind. We even chatted one time via YM, you know getting in touch with some bloggers. Recently, I noticed there has been no new posts from Mimay. Just today, as I opened her site to do my regular visits, I got so shocked with the latest entry that informs bloggers that the owner of the blog has passed away. I just couldn't believe it, really! With my heart pounding so fast, I tried to read the post several times just to convince myselt that it really is true. Well, it's never a good joke if it happens to be untrue. I just feel sad for her. I found her really nice and and was able to shed some time chatting with me on that one particular day. She could have written wondrous posts if her life is being spared. To Mimay, wherever you are, may you rest in peace! You will definitely be missed by your family and friends, and of course you are a great loss in the blogosphere!


Tey said...

wow, I wonder what was the cause of her death. This is such a traggic. She is very young. But I am sure she is with our Lord now.
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alvin said...

Hi, she was one of my bestfriends. She died last October 21, 2008. I was also shocked when I received the news. She had a kidney problem that later complicated. Actually she was hospitalized a year ago or 2 years ago with same problem but she recovered till last first week of october or last week of september, she was hospitalized again.

She was already discharged from the hospital that time and has taken some medications. She was brought to her hometown in leyte, recover but a day after she arrived in leyte she passed away.