05 November 2008

Days Rewind :)

I think it was in my previous that I've mentioned my being too tired to blog, lol! But am back once again! Should I say I have rested quite enough for me to get myself back into blogging? Nah, not really. :) I guess I have this passion to really write whatever goes inside my mind irregardless if the post is sound or not. I don't even mind writing nonsense stuffs. It's my blog anyway, lol! Anyways, be sharing what had happened the past few days. Most days were entirely spent with the family though we never get to go out that much. Staying here at home with the family complete already meant a lot. Here's what kept me busy the past days (and I apologize for blogging this late,lol!) :

Saturday (Nov 1):

My family and I went to San Pedro Memorial Park to visit the graves of my beloved paternal grandparents and relatives. I got to be together again with paternal relatives. We only stayed there for about 3 hours because I need to go back home early to prepare for my graveyard shift duty that night.

Sunday (Nov 2):

This happened simultaneously on Sunday. I slept for about 2 hours after work. Woke up during lunch time. 2 hours after lunch, my sister and I decided to bring our beloved niece to a movie treat and we watched High School Musical 3. My sister and I were like laughing our hearts out because my niece is familiar with the songs and we can't help but laughed at her because she got sooo "kilig" with Troy and Gabriella in the movie (lol!). By the way, we got ourselves with McDonald foods inside the movie theater. Soon after we got out of the movie theater, we again gave her a treat. We headed to Sonic Boom, bought tickets, and played in there. Yours truly was fascinated with that basketball thingy!:)

Monday (Nov 3):
Woke up so early and headed to Davao Doctor's Hospital particularly to their Laboratory Department to have my mom submitted for Fasting Blood Sugar and other lab exams such as creatinine check, cholesterol, uric acid and urine analysis. After doing routine exams, we ate our breakfast then headed to PHIC Regional office so my mom could convert her PHIC membership as a nonpaying member. Too bad she wasn't able to bring a copy of her marriage contract which made that purpose unsuccessful. We instead gathered all the requirements and they are under my care now, and just as she can give me a marriage contract copy, I'd be submitting them to the PHIC office the soonest possible time. We went back to DDH-Laboratory Department for my mom's lab results. She still got a HIGH value on her FBS result with a HIGH mark also on her serum cholesterol. Uric Acid and Creatinine both yield normal results (thank GOD!). We then headed to Gaisano Mall and I got her Smart Money loaded with 2k (thanks to paid blogging for this!). After that I bought myself another Samsung phone (the one shown above) for only P1590 which is intended for my Sun sim. :) My old Nokia phone? I gave it to my mom for her E-loading business. :) We went home really tired and I was able to sleep for almost 3 hours in the afternoon. :) I really had a good time with my mom on that day! :)

Tuesday (Nov 4):
Woke up early (again!). It was the day when my parents and my niece left Davao bound to our hometown. I just spent the day online, got a little rest then reported for work. Thank GOD I did have a light duty last night. :)

This is all for now and I'd try to update all my blogs every once in a while. :)

P.S. : Thanks uploaders for all these photos included in this post.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. This is R. Yes, I have been silent and invisible from everybody from the past 10 years. I have no justification for that except I am still in the process of finding or probably creating my own niche. But rest assured you are in my thoughts always. Thank God internet was invented and I get the chance to lurk and spy on your life (forgive me). Where I am now is not the best place in the world, like I always say but I am hanging on. Thanks for continually remembering me and for being a friend thousands of miles away. I miss everybody and promise to show myself when I am back. Meantime, let us pray for each other.