13 November 2008

Cute Pic That Makes Me Smile :)

I got this pic from my email inbox and I feel like sharing it to just cheer you up guys!:) Hope this helps, no matter how are you are feeling today.. Have a blessed Thursday!


atlantic_puffin said...

Here I am again, sneaking on your life while I have the chance. I hope things are going well with you. Seeing your Christmas tree reminds me so much of the fact that this will be my first Christmas away from home.Anyway, there is a strong community of Filipino expats and volunteers here so I guess it will not be so bad. Take care.

marites1034 said...

ang cute naman ng picture..dogs are really good companions. btw, you've been added to my blogroll long time ago..here's the link..http://marites1034.bravejournal.com/entry/26154

D said...

Hehe, funny. =) hope u are doing well, Marie!

Marie said...

@ atlantic puffin: this is the purpose of this blog mare, so you could be update of whats goin on with me.. hope ur doin ok too in Mongolia..sad lng cos ul be away from your family on xmas pro cge lng, i know u can well cope up with it..

@ marites1034: thanks for the comment..i apologize if i fail to notice that iv already been added in your blogroll :)

@ d: thanks for wishing me well. :)