23 November 2008

A Certified Restless Person of the Week!:)

When I reported for work yesterday on my 12-hour shift, colleagues asked me how did I get to spend my four (4) days off. They really thought I have spent more time just resting, lol! I simply told them I have never rested at all because I was out of the house too often (you can read the details in my previous posts). Work just went out fine yesterday except that when my shift was about to end, a pale child's condition deteriorated that kept us a bit busy. C and I managed to leave the unit past 8:00 PM and directly headed to Banca Ni Kuya Ed's along Lanang for our dinner courtesy of the birthday celebrant (my friend), D. You could just imagine a sleepless soul like me having to report for work as early as 7:00AM and leaving the workplace past 8:00PM and still be able to attend to a birthday party. Since the dinner was anticipated, I brought an extra shirt with me. After dinner, friends and I loitered along Jickong's at F. Torres Street. Take note, I was still in my nursing pants (not the top cos I got an extra shirt with me). There, we spent the night away chatting, eating, and drinking RH, hahaha! We headed home early morning and I slept right away. Woke up past 9:00AM today and still a bit sleepy. At least I won't be working today and can still cope up with regaining back my physical energy later.

With everything that I engaged in the past few days, I never had second thoughts of calling myself a certified restless person of the week!:) I just feel so great having been able to spend time with friends. :)

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