10 November 2008

Bloggers Unite For Refugees Today!

Like us, refugees are also humans born with flesh and one human heart. They used to have their own homes, used to live a simple yet a contented life with their families being intact. However, due to some unpredictable events in their lives, say for instance during conflicts of violence and war to where they are, they fled their own homes uncertain as to where life would take them. The thought of fleeing their homes living somewhere for safety, is never that normal anymore. Hence, they traveled away from home and live in camps where temporary shelter is built for as long as they’re safe.

My heart personally aches for this people, the refugees especially their children. How else could they be able to live a normal life? How about these children? They come to be deprived with education, safety and sometimes with their basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. How about health care services? Are they accessible to this type of people who are just living in their temporary homes?

Today, bloggers have become united to bring focus to the millions of refugees around the world who have been suffering from life’s uncertainties. It is in our own little way that we can make a difference in the lives of these people by fostering and bringing awareness campaigns about them.
Well I just hope I at least made a difference even in my own little way.

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