05 November 2008

ABC Tag - Who AM I?

Got this tag from AprilHeart. Thanks so much for this one girl!:)

My answers are the following:

A. Attached or single?~~~single
B. Best friend? ~~~ none in particular cos I got few chosen ones worthy to be called as bestfriends
C. Cake or pie? ~~~ cake!
D. Day of choice?~~ none in particular as long as its an OFF Day!
E. Essential item?~~~rosary and cellphone
F. Favorite colour?~~~ green
G. Gummy bears or worms?~~~Gummy bears.
H. Hometown?~~~Davao Oriental/Davao City
I. Favorite indulgence?~~~Eating that's why I kinda gained weight these days
J. January or July?~~~January
K. Kids?~~~None
L. Life isn’t complete without?~~~ my family and friends
M. Marriage date?~~~not applicable
N. Number of magazine subscriptions:~~~0
O. Oranges or apples?~~~Apples
P. Phobias?~~~ fear of drunk men who got alcohol hallucinosis (in short, mauy!)
Q. Quotes?~~~ "God is my refuge and my strength"
R. Reasons to smile?~~~ When good things happen for my family and friends
S. Season of choice?~~~Summer
T. Tag 5 people.~~~ Benchiegrace, Weng, Marco, Laura, Amor
U. Unknown fact about me?~~~I can be "bitchy!"
V. Vegetable?~~~ any will do cos I seem to like vegetables
W. Worst habit?~~~ playing with my hair in public, hahaha!
X. X-ray or ultrasound?~~~ Ultrasound
Y. Your favorite foods?~~~ Mandarin's Rice Toppings, Filipino foods ( I like!)
Z. Zodiac Sign?~~~Taurus

1 comment:

Aprilheart said...

oi, taga davao oriental man diay ka, maagian ra pod amoa sa mabini -sunod sa maco hehehe.. soon, mg cross din ang landas natin and we'll able to get to know each other.. Gudluck and GodBless:)