03 October 2008

When A Total Stranger Makes You Feel Comfortable

I once told Pete, a not-so-new and a dear friend of mine,that I met someone nice online in the person of K. I knew it's just a virtual thing though but having him chatted with me sensibly for the first time which lasted for a few hours was enough for me to state the fact that he's likeable. I mean, in an instant, we ticked and got to even exchange pics just to give us both an idea of who we're chatting with. After that instant chat, we got chances to have a few more sensible chats which made him more comfortable chatting with me. He confessed he indeed becomes comfortable each time he chats with me. I admit I am too but I got my own limitations, discretions or whatsoever, not until I would get to personally meet him if that's possible. It's even funnier now cos he's hopeful that we could get to meet someday which I doubt if that will still happen. LOL! It is just good to note that I made someone comfortable with me.

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