07 October 2008

When Expectations Fail

I was too hopeful that a certain favor will be granted but I am down with false hopes. Is it just ethical to say it's payback time and I need my favor be granted when am needing it the most? I sincerely laid down my cards and is ready to sacrifice anything for that favor but still it's unclear. I am not someone who does things and expect something in return but sometimes it is just RIGHTFULLY SANE to demand when the need arises. If this will not be resolved this week, got no choice but to take all the risks so I could spend that precious time with my already known Genward Family.

With these I have learned the following:
- that I should not be too considerate at all times
- that I should be more wiser enough next time
- that I should learn to say NO and not always say YES when being asked for favors
- that I should give some people a dose of their own medicines by trying to be firm in some of my decisions
- that I should not be armed with high hopes for expectations might fail


Babette said...

sis, I hope whatever it is, you will get it in one form or the other. There are people who are users, stay clear of them.

Btw, can u pls link this up:
Thanks :)

Ailecgee said...

Well, that was quite a disappointing situation you have had. To have been declined after giving them some favors is disheartening! I agree with you. It teaches us a good lesson! But remember, there's always a good and a bad Karma!


Marie said...

@ Babette: You got it right! I could feel that I am just being used up. Now I've learned my lesson. By the way, be adding your link as soon as Blogrolling is ok. ;)

@ Ailecee: It surely is disheartening. I can even still feel the disappointment now. Yeah you're right when you say those two karmas. Thanks for the comment.