20 October 2008

Stress+Spicy Foods = Canker Sores!

Yes, I got canker sores right now and it has been with me for 2 days already. I am done with an aching tongue and this time my lower gum (as shown in the pic) and my inner cheek is again in trouble. Poor oral cavity, it hasn't rested yet! Still am having a hard time eating and the pain is slightly tolerable. I even put some "tawas" on the sore area which is very painful but the after relief is what counts the most. My sores are now on its healing stage (I hope!) and this is just a very self-limiting illness. It will just do away after a few days. I hope by the time I wake up tomorrow, these will all be gone.
Happy Monday peeps!

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Anonymous said...

Try The Canker Spanker. Oral cankers are gone in a flash. I love it!!