06 October 2008

Pampering Oneself

To some, to live is to work. Others may state it the other way, which is to work is to live. No matter what their statements would be, work is but part of our existence. However, amidst the hustles and bustles of our everyday life, there will be a time for us to slow down, relax and just pamper or reward ourselves after a very tiring day's or week's work.

Yesterday, I got myself pampered (again!). I sort of giving myself a treat cos I deserved to have one. More so that I've been complaining lately of too much physical exhaustion. It is for this reason that I never did hesitate to pamper myself to a relaxing whole body massage. I chose the firm combo massage (without really grasping what that is all about). I just found myself so relaxed and even on the brink of falling asleep, lol! I went home feeling light with thoughts of hitting the bedroom right away.. So, so relaxing really!

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