06 October 2008

No More Fears Shoppers!


Since I am fond of clothing specifically blouses, I did try purchasing one online using my debit card. Before generating my payment through Visa Electron, I had thought of it a million times before I got the nerve to confirm my order. It's like hesitance was all over me then but I still gave it a try. I was somewhat fearful with thoughts that my money could head nowhere or my order might not have reached me, lol! Good thing that my blouse arrived in good condition. But still, am so fearful then about online transactions and payments because nobody gets to tell me how can I make sure that my money's gonna be safe or whether an order could be successfully sent. At least now, technology has been on the road for more innovations and one great example of a good innovation is buySAFE which is solely intended for the busy people of this generation. With buySAFE's promise to ensure a fast, reliable and a secure transaction, one could readily take a peek of things to buy online without hesitations. How to ensure whether that online shopping community is bogus or not? Try to look for a buySAFE seal or logo and check its authenticity. If it has buySAFE in it, then it means that you're on the right track. Why not visit the site now and download their free BuySafe Application? No more fears shoppers, aight? :) Happy shopping!


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