24 October 2008

My Sis Is In The Hospital

I am now blogging inside the hospital room where my sister is. There she is comfortably chatting with her visitors. Physically, she doesn't look weak. I even appear much paler and perhaps looks weaker than her because I still am restless after two successive graveyard shifts. A few days before she was finally admitted to the hospital, she got intermittent fever with chills accompanied with headache. Three days after I told her to have her platelet and hematocrit checked. First platelet count was slightly below normal which was 122 from the normal 140 range. I told her to have it checked again the next day. Yesterday after work, I got a message from her and she told me she got a 95 platelet count result. With that, I told her to seek medical consult cos as far as I know, a decreasing platelet will really warant hospital admission and I wanted her to be admitted too for monitoring and hydration. My parents who are based in the province also recommended the same thing. Despite my being sleepless and tired, we got her admitted in the afternoon. Poor sis, she can't escape from those injection needles where her platelet count is monitored every six hours. As of this writing, latest platelet count is still down and I just hope that it will soon climb up to its normal level since she tirelessly drinks water from time to time aside from the intravenous fluids given to her. I Hope all is well with regards to her health.

Note: The doctor just saw her and Dengue Fever is the admitting impression.

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