13 October 2008

My Sharp Tooth Finally Extracted!

Because of the pains I've been through, I finally got my sharp tooth extracted courtesy of a dentist turned colleague in the profession, Dr. Luel Lumangtad, DMD, RN. Glad that our seminar ended up early and got an appointment with him. While sitting on his dental chair, I was like embarrassed for feeling so guilty that I haven't taken care of my teeth for quite some time and he knew all that! I told him I better had dental prophylaxis prior to tooth extraction, which he gladly obeyed. In between the prophylaxis made, I was given an anesthesia, a topical one so the portion where the tooth to be extracted would feel numb. Indeed, it became numb that I can't even feel that he injected another dose of anesthesia to the area. I even closed my eyes so as not to get a sight of that dental needle. When it was about time, I just closed my eyes with my mouth opened wide. I could feel that he's busy pulling out that diseased tooth from the the crown to its root. Finally after a few minutes he managed to let it all out! Right after the procedure, a great relief was felt! Thanks Dokie Luel for that quite difficult job you made on my teeth. ;)

Now? I can speak, I can talk, and I can even sing (again!)...

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