03 October 2008

My Mom's Footwear Story That Moves Me Emotionally

The past few days, I ran errands for my mom who is now a retired teacher and is presently making herself busy with her small store business in our hometown. Part of the errand which I successfully accomplished was that of buying her a step-in footwear with her own money because she said that she seldom buys a new pair anymore and is needing one. With this, I was immersed into a different kind of emotion which certainly moved me and found myself teary-eyed for the reason that my mom shouldn't have sent money for it. I knew how hard it is for her to raise that 1K peso bill now that she's not receiving her monthly 5-digit salary anymore. I was personally crying deep inside with that scenario. I mean it's payback time now and I should have taken care of the bill incurred for her footwear but my mom knows how much I also struggle financially to suffice my needs and some bills here at home. To lighten up everything, I told my mom to notify me whenever she wants to come here in the city and I'll take care of her fare expenses. It's what I could offer her for now and she knew that well too! I ended up buying her two different styles of footwear just enough for her 1k bill. (*sighs*)

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