30 October 2008

Missing My Darling Niece!

photo taken a a few years back ;)

I was awakened by her voice call this afternoon using my mom's cell phone. She gladly told me she's gonna be visiting us. She can't wait to bond with us and of course with me whom she considered as her 2nd mom, lol! ;) She wanted to have been here since Monday but because our hometown is a 6-7 hour away from the city, no one will be able to be with her during the travel. We can't even demand for our parents, her darling grandparents to send her here because they too are busy engaged with earning money for a living. I could have sent my brother there but he got some transactions to attend to which were all left unattended when my sister was hospitalized last week. Well, at least she's gonna be visiting us here hopefully with my parents whom I also missed.

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