07 October 2008

LBM Strikes Again!

Yesterday, I thought I could not make it for work on a graveyard shift. I took an hour sleep and was awakened by my rambling stomach. The pain got so intense that I was rushing like a wind on my way to the comfort room. There, I let them all out! I can't recall anything bad that I have eaten on that day. After that, I fixed myself and got ready for work. I was about to leave home when another rambling episode happen again. I was quite disappointed because I was all set to go and in uniform. Got no choice but to undress and head back to the comfort room. After all that has happened, I took an anti-diarrheal drug so I could make it at work. I got an intermittent stomach trouble though but at least I never had to rush to and from the comfort room. Thanks Imodium for saving me last night!

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