13 October 2008

He's 25 -Peso Richer Today!

This is another account of my paying a higher fare while I was on my way for work.

I was almost late for our first day seminar so I hailed a taxi cab that could bring me on time. Thank God, it was still 7:55 AM when I reached the seminar's venue which was held in the hospital where I am currently working. I handed him my 100-peso bill for a 75-peso fare. He was like scratching his head because I later knew that he ain't got no change at all. He was kinda annoyed that I did not have an exact amount to pay him and he insisted that we should go out of the vicinity and had it changed. I resisted because I was almost late. I told him I better punched my DTR card first while suggesting to have my 100-peso bill changed from an approaching taxi cab. When I got back, still he got no change. He was even a bit pissed off, and so was I. So as not to argue with him, I annoyingly gave my 100-peso bill and ran hurriedly inside the building for I was trying to get inside the seminar hall before it starts. Hahayz!


Me, the islands and the world said...

hehehe! ka-rich mo naman. may tip na P25 ang driver.

Marie said...

@ me, the islands and the world: nah, di ah. ;) nagkataon lang na I got annoyed with his behavior kaya I gave him that 100-peso bill instead. ;)